January 22, 2015
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To: Members and Friends of the Maryland Green Registry


Happy New Year
and a big welcome to the following new members (including the first veterinary clinic and newspaper to join the Registry):

AAI Corporation (Textron Systems)

A Better Choice Bakery

Andana Consulting, LLC

Baltimore County Government

Belvedere Veterinary Center

Canon U.S. Life Sciences, Inc.

C-Care, LLC

College of Southern Maryland  

Drs. Meson and Azouly, DDS    

Evergreen Technologies, LLC

Family & Nursing Care

Fortezza Consulting, LLC    

Habitat for Humanity Metro Maryland     

LetterSpace Creative

Myriad Greeyn LLC

Northrop Grumman Corporation, Electronic Systems 

Premier Lifestyle Management, Inc

Reduction In Motion

SUN Automation Group

Table Field Catering

The Brunswick Citizen

The Chiappelli Law Firm, LLC

Unilever Manufacturing (US), Inc.

WSI WebSpecialist

We hope the new year will inspire members to take on new sustainable projects and practices. Just call, e-mail or visit the Maryland Green Registry website for ideas, resources, tips and case studies to guide organizations of all types and sizes. 

Laura Armstrong

Maryland Green Registry Coordinator

(410) 537-4119

New year, new logo, new decals, new profile updates?


Maryland Green Registry members have done a fantastic job in getting their membership logo out there. It's appeared on websites, T-shirts, storefronts, vehicles, and bumper stickers (see here).  The logo has now been updated and can be downloaded here in jpg and pdf.


To request a new window decal, send an e-mail to green.registry@maryland.gov and we will be happy to mail it out to you.


This is also great time to update your online member profile with new projects and results. Visit this web page for instructions. E-mail back your updated member profile and we will add the new logo for you. 


Pick a Project!


Has your organization set its environmental goals for the year? The path to sustainability is long and winding so pick a project, big or small, and get started! 


The Maryland Green Registry website has loads of tips and and resources linked from the home page and in the member profiles. Brief summaries of case studies of common ways to reduce environmental impacts while increasing profit margins can be found here and requests for additional case studies, tips and specific questions and individualized assistance can be requested through the EPA-supported Pollution Prevention Resource Exchange Rapid Response service.


Empower your green team to explore your options now so that your organization can enjoy significant cost savings and environmental results by the end of 2015.


Technical Assistance Available

Federal EPA grant funding enables the Maryland Department of the Environment to offer technical assistance to manufacturing and other industrial facilities that helps improve environmental performance and save money. These services include an Environmental Management System (EMS) implementation program, Lean and Clean manufacturing assistance which uses value stream mapping to reduce waste and increase efficiency, and a pollution prevention engineering intern program. These programs are offered in partnership with the Maryland Manufacturing Extension Partnership.  To learn more about the EMS program, visit here and contact Laura Armstrong at 410-537-4119 to join the next group starting January 28, 2015. For information on the Lean and Clean program, contact Paul Gietka at MDMEP 410-916-4061.




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