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September 2019
Expanding Ministry to Karen Pastors


Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries is continually seeking ways to equip pastors and leaders to address so many daunting challenges in their churches and communities. The needs are legion, and most pastors in Myanmar are under-educated, lack mentoring, and often are limited by a traditional mindset that holds them back from responding creatively and effectively. Though most pastors are dedicated and sincere in their faith, they need more education and tools to spread the Gospel and develop their churches.
To help address these needs, we recently extended our Myanmar ministry westward from Yangon to Pathein, capital of the Irrawaddy Division. There, I spoke to 250 pastors on "Why the Holy Spirit is Important for Pastors." I taught on The Spirit-Led Leader: Nine Leadership Practices and Soul Principles, which was re-translated into Burmese this past summer just in time for the Pastors Congress.

Pastors Congress in Pathein

In the Pathein-Myaungma Association, there are 302 Sagaw Karen churches, under the dedicated leadership of its General Secretary, Rev. Moo Ler Gay.  There are many spiritually mature, hardworking pastors in the association, but the majority of Karen (one of eight major ethnic groups in Myanmar) pastors have not passed the 10th grade matriculation exam. This means that many did not qualify to attend college, let alone seminary. Fortunately, some of the education gap is being addressed by the seminary pictured below, which offers licensure degrees to provide some Bible, theological, and practical training for their future pastors who did not pass matriculation. Yet, so much more is needed, on multiple levels.
Pictured on the left: Pathein-MyaungMa Association General Secretary Moo Ler Gay and Christian Social Service Department Head, Saw Peter, with Tim in Pathein

While in Pathein, we met for two hours with the staff of the Holistic Mission Center, a new, budding initiative of the Association under the leadership of retired businessman Saw Peter. They asked us to help them prepare to launch a five year pilot program (2021-25) and to advise them on the spirituality development component of their program. They plan to provide critically needed holistic training to pastors from up to 60 churches in order to equip pastors and leaders to address pressing health, economic, leadership, and spiritual needs in their churches. 

On the grounds of the five acre Holistic Center

Rice Paddy

In addition to lacking basic skills and knowledge to address pressing concerns, leaders must also contend with the loss of young people and the next generation of leaders. Even though the Irrawaddy Division is the rice bowl of Myanmar , many young people have fled, seeking jobs and better opportunities outside of their rural region. The leaders are proud of their self-reliance and commitment to stand on their own two feet, but so much more is needed to address both present and future, anticipated needs of the churches, villages, and communities.  

Thank you for your prayers and financial support so that we can provide intellectual,  spiritual, and material resources to pastors, students, and other leaders in Myanmar. These are uncertain times, with an increasing amount of violence threatened and experienced throughout the country. While we still can, we are helping to build capacity and equip Christ-centered, Spirit-led leaders to better serve the nearly two million participants in the Myanmar Baptist Convention. We need your continued support and prayers to keep our ministries going and growing.

Gratefully, in Christ's service,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister

Extra Prayers Needed:  
On September 30, we travel to the war-torn Shan State to offer The Spirit-Led Leadership workshop to 70-100 pastors. In August, eight were killed near Lashio, where the workshop will be held. We are slipping the workshop in a small window, during a one month cease fire. Please pray for safety for us and the pastors traveling through dangerous areas to reach Lashio. Pray, too, that God will use this important training and ministry to encourage the many participating pastors from multiple ethnic groups. 

Meanwhile, just this past week, the US Embassy issued a warning that resistance groups within the country are planning significant attacks in one or more major cities, such as Yangon, Mandalay, and Nay Pyi Taw (the capital). We need your continued prayers for safety as well as for justice and peace on so many levels in the country.
Tim's Most Recent Sermon
September 15th, 2019 
Immanuel Baptist Church
 Yangon, Myanmar

John 16:33-17:26

Find Tim singing with MIT students at minute 28:00
Find Tim preaching at minute 35:25
 Revised Burmese edition of Spirit-Led Leader is now available in Myanmar and soon in the USA! 

Contact FHLGM Administrative Assistant, Claire Kellner ( if you're interested in getting a copy in the USA.

 In Myanmar, contact Saw Newton (
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