Volume 1 Issue 12 October 15, 2021
October 2021

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

           Breast Cancer Awareness Month is now a big event around our country where survivors, supporters, and the community as a whole gather to increase awareness, early detection, and to collect funds for research and patient assistance. It started back in 1985 with a partnership between the American Cancer Society and the pharmaceutical division of Imperial Chemical Industries. This event came when Gerald Ford was the U.S. President, and his wife, as a breast cancer survivor, wanted to bring more attention to the topic.
           Today, all of us recognize the Pink Ribbon and can associate it with Breast Cancer Awareness. It started to be used nationwide by Estee Lauder cosmetics in 1992, and they handed out 1.5 million of them as a reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
           Many companies join the fundraising event, selling products where the proceeds – or a certain amount – go to research or organizations helping survivors.
           With that in mind, just like we do every month, we bring you a list of movies to watch, books to read, and events to attend:
What to see:
·        Decoding Annie Parker
·        The Family Stone
·        1 a Minute
·        Five
What to read:
·        The New Generation Breast Cancer Book by Elisa Port, MD
·        The Cancer Vixen by Marisa Acocella Marchetto
·        Taking Care of Your Girls by Marisa C. Weiss, MD and Isabel Friedman
Where to go:
·        Cocktail for a Cause at Le Jardinier & L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon
·        Intercontinental Miami and Toro Toro
·        Sugar Factory American Brasserie
·        Virtual Discussion Breast Cancer: Understanding your Options and Making the Right Choices for You through

Halloween: A worldwide celebration

Halloween has been consistently shifted to meet the interests of the people celebrating it and what we do today has nothing to do with what it originally entailed. The origin of this tradition goes back to the Celtics, who under the name of “Samhain," engaged in fire festivals to usher the dark months to come. Many myths are associated with this time. The Celtics believed that the barrier between the worlds was breachable during the Samhain, which led to the preparation of offers left outside villages to distract monsters, thank fairies, and welcome ancestors. With the strength gained by Christianity in these communities, religious leaders attempted to change the connotation of this celebration. In the 9th Century, Pope Gregory declared that November 1 would be All Saints’ Day and November 2, All Souls’ Day. As the years passed, the celebrations started to merge, but many of the original ideas stayed in place: trick or treating, Halloween pranks, activities honoring ancestors, and many others.
Today, a large part of Halloween has been commercialized, with Americans spending over $490 million on costumes for their pets and buying one-quarter of all the candy sold throughout the year during this period. Many Latin American Countries celebrate Dia de los Muertos; In Hong Kong, The Hungry Ghost Festival takes place; Italy celebrates the Ognissanti; and in Brittany, France, La Toussaint takes place. However, the Americanized Halloween that everyone sees in movies has taken over, and it can be seen homogenously all over the world alongside the more traditional celebrations.
As such, Halloween has something to offer to everyone, and below, we provide a collection of movies and books to enjoy during this time.

Movies to watch:
·        The Witch
·        Hocus Pocus
·        Ghostbusters
·        Halloweentown
·        Casper
·        The Haunted History of Halloween

Books to read:
·        Never Have I Ever by Isabel Yap
·        No Gods, No Monsters by Cadwell Turnbull
·        The Sentence by Louise Erdrich
·        Practical Magic 
Inspirational Moments
Breast Cancer Fighters and Survivors

Always remember you are
than you believe
than you seem
than you think and more
than you could ever imagine

Funny Moments
Notable Birthdays

Famous people born in October

Camilla Belle, Lena Headey, Dakota Johnson, Jesse Eisenberg, Elisabeth Shue, Simon Cowell, Matt Damon, Chris O'Dowd, Mario Lopez, Matt Bomer, Josh Hutcherson, Sacha Baron Cohen

 Other very important people to us

Venancio Perez Lucas, Emmanuel Innocent, Stephanie Granic, Elisa Blackmon, Eimi Raquel Garcia Simon, Ana Maria Della Ca, Patrick Garcia, Emilio Diaz, Ernesto Evora Ruiz, Pablo Gonzalez, Pablo Gonzalez, Kayla Daley, Carmen De Ara, Luis Leiva, Leiva Luis, Renzo Patricio, Edwin Galbeau, Maria Janet, Claribel Vasquez, James Lee Starks, Jr., Jennifer Cao, Eduardo Meza, Charlene Montalvo, Jose Dominguez, Ricardo Vallejo, Nelson Villatoro, Stephanie Cruz, Ana Vila, Marilyn Victores, Loren Solorzano, Loren Michelle Solorzano Sanchez, Alfonso Bejarano, Maria Villarreal, Alda Dolores Baugh, Nick Pettinato, Juan Aleman, Arlene Leyva Henriques, Diego Luis Fernando Cavinal Cordova, Pedro Medeiro, Candida . Balmaceda, Jenny Berrios, Jenny Bevio Jimenez, Ceda Billing Downtown, Atlantic Medical, Gabriela Vidal, Humberto Alvarez, Humberto Alvarez, Lourdes Sespje, Fernando Bayon, Feliberto Giniebra, Maria Hernandez Miranda, Carmen Ortiz, Rosalio Alvarez, Frances Figueroa, Joana Garcia, Xenia Perez, Jose Manuel Laera Herrera, Carl Wightman, Armando Perea Sr., Sughey Marin, Abelardo Soto, Rodriguez, Isabel, Estela Solano, Blanca Correa, Bertha Gonzalez-Hernandez, Luis Alarcon, Waheed Abdul, Manuel Barranada, Mayelin Becerra, Jesus Barquero, Michael Aguila, Leon De la Torre, Luis B. Garcia, Rayma Maranillo, Jorge Villa, Alejandro Alex Castellon, Juan Gaton, Zenaido Abreu, Gilberto Cervera, Calazan Adames, Isabel Montoya, Bryon Burney, Maria Teresa Diaz, Fatima Luna, Hector Jin, Jaqueline Aguilera, Maria Gamez, Angel Campos, Maria Suarez, Jovany J. Del Valle, Maria Nunez, Dora Quintana, Margarita Almonte, Teresa Cortina, Mohammed Bawany, Villaroel, Raul, Tasha Davila, Yvonn Pierre Louis, Daisy Condom, Carlos Guemez, Mercedes Castilla, Luisa Barrera, Oscar Medina, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Idania Saballos, Lourdes Rossi, Claudia Vasquez, Jose Hernandez, Benjamin Cody Mordes, Eduardo Garcia, Ruddy A Fernandez, Orlando Coronel, Delia Hernandez, Marie and Carlos Martinez, Monica Gonzalez, Kristina Napoles, Yenisleive Medina, Raysa Alvarez, Margarita Alvarez, Lazaro Cure, David Acero, Jacquelyn Pina, Zita Zalai, Norma Jimenez, German Vasquez, Felipa Tomas, Evelyn Izquierdo, Margarita Pinto, Maria Jaureguy, Maria Toruno, George Viera, Jose Cabrera, Samantha Gonzalez, OCTAVIO ALFONSO, Norma Gonzalez, Katia Avila, Yusniel Duarte, Alain Rodriguez, David Rodriguez, Carla Garaicoa, Manuel Pineda, Maria del Carmen Lopez, Porfilio Oquendo

Our Family

Jennifer Herrera, Michael Tichenor, Laura Picar, Lizette Gruma, Teresita Guadalupe, Yetsi Carballosa, Teresa Toro, Maria Gaby Riofrio, Yanet Rodriguez, Alexander Borell 

Calendar of events
01    FRI     International Music Day
04    MON  Child Health Day
06    WED  National Walk and Bike to School Day
10    SUN   World Mental Health Day
11    MON  Columbus Day (Most regions)
16    SAT    Boss's Day
20    WED  World Osteoporosis Day
23    SAT    National Paralegal Day
24    SUN   United Nations Day
28    THU   National Chocolate Day
28    THU   National Immigrants Day
28    THU   National First Responders Day
31    SUN   Halloween
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