Volume 1 Issue 7 April 15, 2021
Get to Know Us: Karina del Amo
My name is Karina del Amo. My parents have been married for over twenty-nine years. I am the daughter of Carlos del Amo, president of Carlos del Amo, P.A., and Mirka del Amo, a paralegal at the same firm. They have been working together for over twenty-two years.
I have been blessed with parents that believe in and helped finance my education. I went to Westminster Christian school and loved everything about this school. I received an excellent education.
Living in Pinecrest, most of my friends were wealthy. Whether my family was wealthy or not, I never knew; while I never lacked anything, my parents did not spoil me. My friends were driving Mercedes and BMWs, and I was driving a Sentra.
Upon graduation, I applied for and was admitted to Florida International University. I was clueless and afraid of what the future would bring and felt trapped at home, so I transferred to Tallahassee Community College. I was thrilled to be on my own. Perceived freedom is seductive. However, frankly, I could not handle the freedom when freedom was given. I began to focus on anything and everything but school, and my grades suffered. I started each year with renewed enthusiasm but ended the year dropping classes and continuing my lifestyle. I realized that I needed to change, so I moved back to Miami and back to Florida International University. I decided to focus on the important things in my life and graduated from Florida International University Magna Cum Laude Link
Upon my return, I went to work for my father. I saw him work long hours to do the best job possible for each of his clients. He started me at the bottom. I started in the filing room, then as a receptionist, and then as an assistant in the personal injury department. I handle my job as I did my time in Tallahassee. Since he was my father, I thought I could coast. However, he would not let me. 
Within eight months, I was no longer working for my father, and I went out into the real world for two years. In these two years, I began to take work and life seriously. I learned to do my work just for a paycheck but to give it my best. I appreciated how graceful my father had been, and I was ready to go back. Two years later, after experiencing the real world, my father re-hired me. Text Link
In February 2020, my mother was diagnosed with Mantle cell lymphoma, a rare, aggressive, incurable cancer. One of my biggest fears in life was losing one or both of my parents. Now the fear was confirmed. I realized that I would have to fill my mother's shoes, the rock of our family, and take care of my family as she had done. My mother's faith in God and her positive approach to her condition as she battled cancer, and the effects of chemotherapy, strengthened my faith in God and dispelled the "unknown" generalized fear I had experienced since childhood. 
With the peace that transcends understanding, I began to take charge of my life.  I now have goals and aspirations, going to law school and becoming a lawyer.
I grew up with Carlos del Amo P.A., and it has made me who I am today. Never did I imagine that I would love what I do as much as I do. Working in law was not (past tense) my passion, but when I started working in family law, it changed my whole outlook and sparked a fire in me.
Family law allows me to counsel clients through challenging seasons in their life. As I saw the result of taking pride in my work and doing the best job possible comforted my clients, I felt, maybe for the first time, truly how rewarding a job could be. Working with my Carlos del Amo, P.A. family, helped me find work I could happily wake up and do every day. Working closely with my father has helped me unravel my potential while growing and learning from him firsthand, through his mentorship, day by day. It has been a privilege to have my father as my mentor. He has been an attorney for over thirty-two years and invests time in me as his daughter, employee, and hopefully future attorney. 
A little something to brighten your day!
Pharrell Williams - Happy
Autism Awareness Month
During the month of April, the world gets together the raise awareness of a circumstance in which 1 out of 54 children in the U.S. find themselves. Autism cannot be easily defined with one single set of traits since there is a broad range of conditions that present different challenges to the individual’s social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. The level of support by those around and the challenges they face depend on the position in the spectrum. The earliest the diagnosis, the higher likelihood of a positive outcome later in life; luckily, this condition can be diagnosed as early as 18 months old. Awareness of its existence and traits are key in helping this young individuals fulfill their potential while increasing the understanding of those around.
·        The Reason I Jump by Naoki Higashida
·        Maria and Me: A father, a daughter (and Autism) by Miguel Gallardo
·        Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism by Roy Richard Grinker
·        Please Stand By
·        Temple Grandin
·        A Boy Called Po
·        Online Event: Jiggle Wiggle at Miami-Dade Libraries (19th, 26th, 30th of April)
·        Building Bridges: autism spectrum disorder and your gran child (June 16th through FAU)
Sir Anthony Hopkins
           Sir Anthony Hopkins is a Welsh actor, who was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 1993 receiving the honorary title of “Sir”. He has received an Academy Award, two BAFTAs, two Emmys, and the Cecil B. DeMille Award. He has been in the film industry since the 1960s which has led him to participate in multiple movies throughout the years and he submerged in the world of music in 1986 when he released his first single. His most acclaimed movies include “The Father”, Thor, “The Silence of the Lambs”, “Hannibal”, “The Mask of Zorro” and “Meet Joe Black” amongst many others. Although he was accompanied by autism all his life, it wasn’t until 2014 that he was diagnosed and 2017 when he told the world in an interview. Within the spectrum of autism, Sir Anthony described himself with the following words: “I could never settle anywhere. I was troubled and caused trouble, especially in my early years ... I don't go to parties, I don't have many friends”.
A Mother Knows, By Titilope Sonuga
Inspirational Moment
Inspiring AWA (aka Autism With Attitude) achieve their dreams

"They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a child with autism or other special needs to raise the consciousness of a village."

Elaine Hall
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