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KNEE: TKA in a Patient with a Valgus Deformity
When you have a patient with a valgus deformity who needs a total knee arthroplasty, how do you achieve balance in flexion and extension? What do you have to do to correct the valgus deformity and achieve patient satisfaction? In this Video Vignette, Dr. Jeffrey DeClaire operates on a patient with a combination of correctable and fixed valgus deformity. READ MORE 
SHOULDER: Options for Managing Shoulder Instability  
In our Video Case Reports feature, Dr. Brian Cole guides a panel of shoulder specialists through discussion and debate on seven real-life cases of patients who presented with shoulder instability. What would you do if these were your patients? Do you agree with the treatment decisions made by our expert panel? READ MORE 
HIP: Suture-related Pseudoinfection after THA
This article presents two cases of an adverse reaction to sutures that mimicked infection and that had a clinical history and histopathologic and laboratory findings so distinctive - and consistent with previous reports - as to define a novel, exceptional complication of total hip arthroplasty: suture-related pseudoinfection. READ MORE

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