* Feature add-ons are available on new and port-in activations completed on a Verizon Prepaid Unlimited US talk and text plan. Available feature add-ons may vary depending on your customer’s account status. Features may be added or removed from the VIDAPAY portal at VIDAPAY’s discretion. Visit vidapay.com for a complete list of available features.

Mobile Hotspot and tethering available on the Unlimited Plan for $5/mo. Includes 10 GB of high-speed data, then speeds up to 600 Kbps the remainder of the month. DVD-quality streaming (up to 480p). In times of congestion, data experience and functionality of some data applications, such as streaming video or audio, may be impacted.

Only one Global Choice country can be purchased during the monthly cycle. Customers cannot add the same country twice within their monthly cycle. Once customers use their Global Choice allowance, calls to their chosen country are from $0.05 per minute. Customers will receive discounted rates to call 220+ countries along with unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada. Global Choice is not compatible with any other International Long Distance plan. Visit www.Verizon.com/plans/prepaid/international for full details.

International service bundles may be added to active accounts that are in good standing. Some plans may already have International Services enabled and any international calls will be charged according to your customer’s plan. If your customer’s account situation changes, Verizon may remove this service from their account without notice.

International Long Distance rates and included countries are subject to change. Applicable international long distance per minute charges are in addition to domestic roaming rates. Please note, additional surcharges apply when calling certain countries. International Long Distance service is for direct communications between 2 people; certain numbers (e.g. conference and chat lines, premium numbers, etc.) are not included and may be blocked. Verizon reserves the right to temporarily block calls to any country without notice.

Please go to https://www.verizonwireless.com/plans/prepaid/international/ for pricing, and other plan information related to calling international destinations from the United States. Unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada are included in Unlimited TogetherSM - North America and Unlimited TogetherSM - World. Please check your customer’s plan for more information. Your customer can check the Terms & Conditions for their existing plan on their My Verizon account.

Your customer’s account is automatically enabled to send messages to more than 200 countries. International Text, Picture, and Video messaging is included in certain domestic plans. Please check your customer’s plan for more information. International text messaging is widely supported, but international picture and video messaging is only available with select carriers. Not all international carriers support texts that originate from the US.

To learn more about Prepaid International Services, visit https://www.verizon.com/support/prepaid-international-services-legal.