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Attention Law Enforcement


(Avoid Losing The Public Trust)

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Nationally recognized Social Media Attorney specialist Mark Fiedelholtz teaches sworn and civilian employees his new $9 per person specialized New Red Flag Warning System that won't be

taught by in-house counsel, conference speakers, or online.

*The online course has a one-time management fee of $297 per department

20% discount if a government signs up multiple departments

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99% Of Costly "Free Speech" Mistakes Are Made "Off Duty" And On Personal Accounts.

The Agencies Below Had Social Media Policies And In-House Training. But, They Didn't Have My Specialized Online Training That Eliminate Mistakes On Personal Social Media Accounts.

SDPD Probes Officer's Social Media Post Against Vaccine, Mask Mandates On Personal Account

9 Oakland Police Officers Disciplined Over Racist, Sexist Social Media Posts

On Personal Account

Two Crewe Police Officers Could Get Fired After Posting ''Inappropriate' Tik Tok Videos On Personal Account

Powerful "Red Flag" Warning System Saves Careers And Your Public Image

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Employees Learn Expert Strategies To Avoid

"Free Speech" Mistakes On Personal Posts, Tweets, Emails, And Texts...

  • Opinions
  • Jokes
  • Memes
  • Video (Live Streaming)
  • Hashtags

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Law Enforcement And In-House Attorneys Agree, You Can't Wait For A Costly Social Media Mistake Before Making My Specialized Online Course Mandatory Training

For All Department Employees...

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National Testimonials

"Mark, your course was exceptional, it took fear away from our administration on what to post and what to delete. We feel more comfortable after taking this course and you were always available to answer questions. I suggest that all agencies

take this online course.”

Chief Dwayne Wheeler,

Taylorville, IL


"Too many public employees have paid the price for not receiving the tools to navigate social media safely. After auditing Mark Fiedelholtz’ s Social Media Liability Course with our fire chief, we decided to mandate this training to every member of our teams. If you want to protect your people and your department, I strongly recommend this course."

Chief Tim Barfield, Wellington, OH (2021)

See If Your Previous Training Was Adequate!


The Biggest Benefit Of My Online Course Is...

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"Your course on social media liability opened our eyes. The "Red Flag" strategies helped reduce our liability. When you first explained the value of your course, you weren't just selling, you genuinely cared about our employees. The costs are minimal, the rewards are great."

Chief Wayne Woods,

City of Johnson, AR (2021)

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If You Truly Want To Solve The Problem Of

Social Media "Free Speech" Mistakes On Personal Accounts, Then You Need To Make My $9 Per Person Online Course Mandatory For All Your Employees.

Based on my own cases and training over 30,000 public employees, the data clearly shows dangerous employee training gaps in the area of social media defamation, "Free Speech", privacy, and copyright infringement. 30 Year Digital Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz' closes this costly knowledge gap with his expert strategies.

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Course Overview

*The online course has a one-time management fee of $297 per department

20% discount if a government signs up multiple departments

Questions? Call 954-748-7698

Social Media Isn't Going Away!

Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, And In-House Attorneys Nationwide Strongly Believe That My Expert Online Training Is Urgent...

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“What an eye-opening course. Mark’s new strategies save your job and keep you from being sued. All law enforcement and other public employees need this expert

social media law training.”

Shaun D. Jones,

Spotsylvania Sheriff’s Office, VA

Questions? Call 954-748-7698

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You can't monitor every officer post or tweet on their private account. However, you can show the public that you are serious about properly educating law enforcment and civilian staff on the new federal social media speech and privacy laws.

Social Media Attorney Mark Fiedelholtz uses his 30 years of public sector digital media law expertise to teach your sworn and civilian staff his powerful Red Flag Warning System. Employees learn to:

  • Differentiate between protected and unprotected off-duty speech (opinions and jokes), using personal accounts and devices.

  • No travel, no overtime. Employees take the course at their own pace.

  • 24/7 access on any device. Take the course on your own schedule.
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Protect Your Public Image

Phone: Call 954-748-7698

Email: mark@newsocialmedialaw.com

Training Website: AvoidSocialMediaMistakes.com

Policy Website: SocialMediaPolicy.info