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SST Engineer Bryan White's daughter is ready to go! Bryan's ready too with a TKO 5-speed in his 1965 Pontiac Tempest. With the overdrive, Bryan can keep up with the other drivers and hear every word his daughter says from the back seat. Later, he'll teach her how to row through the gears!
2018 Great Smoky Mountain Auto Fest October 11-13th
Speaking of road trips, our last car show of the season will be right in our own backyard! Autocross, prizes, some great BBQ, and of course the Great Smoky Mountains will make this a trip to remember! Come and see us!
Death Metal Charger will be on display at Great Smoky Mountain Auto Fest!
Are you a fan of "Roadkill"? SST will have Mike Finnegan's Death Metal Charger on display Friday and Saturday.

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All TREMEC® TKO, Magnum, T5 and SST A41 PerfectFit™ and RestoFit® Kits! Hurry, offer expires September 30th!

*Lower 48 states only, others get discount. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Does not apply to the Magnum XL kit.
Congratulations, Dick McCord!
SST Engineer, Dick McCord, recently travelled to the Trans Am Nationals where he won 4th place in the 4th Generation Modified Class. The 2000 Trans Am was Dick's company car when he worked for GM and it has the T56 he designed in it. He would drive it back and forth to work in Detroit even in the snow! When Dick left, he purchased the car from GM and took it with him. It's a great car with a great story, congratulations, Dick!
New Partnerships! New Builds!
New Classic Muscle Cars!
Brand New Muscle Car
The best part of "building yesterday's dream cars today" is that you can build it with today's dream drivetrain. Built to order, you can choose to use your body shell or a new body, all new parts or new plus reconditioned-there are tons of options. To build these brand new muscle cars, they needed transmission kits that could replicate the classic looks of the past, so you can find SST TREMEC 5 & 6 Speed kits as well as our A41 automatic kits installed in these cars. It's a great concept, check them out if you're interested in a car that looks like it's a classic and runs like new! Click on the video at the right to see an Elenor build from beginning to end and visit their website to see what they have to offer!

The Belle of the Ball!
If you need information on Chevelles, forget Wikipedia. has every answer you need. They will soon have a program where you can purchase a completely restored and painted Chevelle, ready for interior and drivetrain of your choice to be installed.

Recently, they started a new 1966 convertible Chevelle build, "Snow White". We'll be documenting the build on our website as it comes out of its shell and turns into the fairest princess of them all! This white on white on white Chevelle will be built with an A41 automatic from SST and should be finished in April 2019. You can see it on Power Tour next year!

Tech Corner
MOTORin' App - A Car Show App
Find and Promote Car Shows!
MOTORin', a cell phone and tablet app, is the ultimate car and truck show finder. A partnership between SEMA and, this app can help you locate events close to you. Or, if you're having an event with your car club or local charity, submit your event and drive exposure and ticket sales, it takes 5 minutes and it's free!

Need something unique? We can do that.
STX Shifters Built to Order
We were approached by a rather tall fellow at LS Fest in Bowling Green and he asked us about moving the shifter further back than the stock rear location on the TREMEC TKO 5-Speed. Well, sure, we can do that!

The position shown moves the shifter 4.5" farther back from the stock location. With a custom stub, you could even go 1 to 1.5" farther than that!

Silver Sport Transmissions is your go to source for custom built TREMEC transmissions!

If you missed last month's STX™ announcement you can read it by clicking the link below.

Customer Testimonials
Completely Changed My Truck
Guys, My transmission is in and works great. 250 miles on it. Completely changed my truck. 

Thanks to all at SST for the incredible advice and service. I’ve built two trucks, but, really, I am not a mechanic. I build them cuz I like the satisfaction when done and also love the 67-72 Chev sb pick ups. I do all the work myself but rely a lot on info from places I buy parts. Gene, you put up with and answered all my questions, even on week ends. Jack you sold me on that my project would work. 

I couldn’t be happier with how I was treated at SST. This is a creditable compliment guys. Building two trucks I’ve bought a lot of stuff. Had good and bad experiences. You are the best. 

Thanks again,
Bob Carpenter
Your People Are Amazing
Jack! Your people there are amazing; I received a call back with a quote within absolutely minutes. This impressed the customer so much that he has decided to go ahead with your transmission even after he had called ( competitor's name redacted) himself! I told him I had installed one of your units and was very impressed so we will be getting the transmission next week and also will most likely order a complete rear end housing assembly for a 1964 Impala. It is a pleasure to do business with such competent people.

Thanks again,
Dave Blankenship
1963 Nova with TKO and Hydraulics
Frank Serafine's 1963 Nova with a TKO 600 and a Hydraulic Clutch Actuator
Get Your Kicks with a Magnum T56!
Good morning Jack, 

Just a quick note to say how delighted we are with the new Tremec Magnum we installed in our old 1968 Cougar. Our car is not a trailer queen its more like a Steve McQueen driver. We had to put the OD to the test and hit the interstate last Thursday and headed to Springfield IL. for a big car show. Everyone we spoke to asked where we parked the trailer? We dont own a car trailer we drove the 13 hours 780 one way miles. Needless to say we won the long distance award hands down. The next day we made a few stops on Route 66 and decided to head to Pontiac, Illinois.

This Magnum makes it so easy to keep up with anything on the road. The hydraulic clutch has been effortless even in big city stop and go traffic. Underhood temps are cool and comfortable. The fuel economy is much better even with a worked over 331 Ford. We are still out on the road enjoying shifting my own gears until Tuesday. I expect we will be close to a 2000 mile round trip with all the side stops and tearin up the interstates. Thank you again for a great very well engineered transmission package. 

Matt Shuman

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