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November 2020
Dear friend of DKT,
Our November newsletter highlights the important and ongoing day-to-day efforts of DKT programs around the world. We continue to navigate through the challenges of our time with an unrelenting focus on serving women and men with the products, information, and services they need to determine their reproductive destinies. 
Please read ahead to learn more about:
    How our emergency contraceptive has been shaping markets in Francophone West and Central Africa
    The new telemedicine program in DR Congo
    Our TV commercial developed with the Government of Indonesia
    World Vasectomy Day (November 14-21)
    Introduction of products in Mali, Tanzania, and Bahrain
    The free online courses for medical students and pharmacists to learn about medical abortion
Thank you for your continued support of DKT’s mission and endeavors.
Chris Purdy
Postpill shapes the Emergency Contraception Market in French West Africa
DKT’s emergency contraceptive, Postpill, has shaken up the market in Francophone West and Central Africa (FWACA). Available for only $1.65, Postpill provided a high-quality, affordable alternative at a quarter of the price of other brands in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Côte D’Ivoire, Mali, and Togo. DKT expanded Postpill’s availability in pharmacies, educated providers, and launched broad mass media campaign to increase people’s awareness about the product and emergency contraception in general. Read more in our most recent white paper.
DKT launches new telemedicine center in DR Congo
As COVID-19 has made in-person gathering unsafe, DKT recognized this threat to sexual and reproductive healthcare and recently launched a new telemedicine center in collaboration with the government’s National Reproductive Health Program (PNSR). Women and young people can call from the comfort of their home and ask questions to get the information they need about contraception, post-abortion care, and more. Hundreds of women have already started using the service and we anticipate high demand in the future.
This telemedicine center in DR Congo has answered hundreds of calls since its launch in September.
World Vasectomy Day to support inclusive family planning in 30 countries
DKT is proud to continue our partnership with World Vasectomy Day (WVD), the largest male-focused family planning movement, to support its 8th annual event from November 14-21. WVD 2020 will host a global ‘vasectomy-athon’ where participants can tune in to see men around the world undergoing vasectomies and ask doctors and patients questions about the procedure. DKT Philippines will work with WVD and other government partners to offer 100 vasectomies, and highlight the importance of men being active in their own reproductive health. WVD 2020 will also have a variety of virtual events, such as a WVD training academy, a debut of a Mobile Vasectomy Unit, and the WVD symposium. People can register for the symposium here.
Women First Digital unveils free eLearning certification
DKT’s partner Women First Digital recently launched a free certificated eLearning platform, increasing access to sexual and reproductive health information, especially for a new generation of healthcare providers. Students can now log onto the online learning platform and after choosing “Certificate” and completing a short registration, they will have access to both WFD’s Pharmacist and Medical Student training courses. The courses are available over text or video and allow students to complete them at their own convenience and pace.
The eLearning platform offers medical abortion training courses for medical students, pharmacists, and pharmacy workers.
DKT launches products into new markets
  • Through DKT Egypt’s operations, DKT filled its first order of IUDs to the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • DKT launched KISS condoms in Tanzania, the first major product launch in two years. While in-person celebrations of the launch were limited due to COVID-19, all major newspapers and four major TV news stations covered the new product, helping to boost awareness and excitement.
  • In Francophone West and Central Africa (FWACA), DKT fulfilled government centralized tenders in Mali, delivering 8.6 million condoms, over 220,000 units of Sayana Press, and nearly 4,000 units of Levoplant to our public sector partner.
DKT Tanzania celebrated its KISS condom launch with a romantic theme and branded facemasks.
DKT Indonesia and BKKBN launch family planning TV campaign
DKT Indonesia partnered with the National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN) to launch a mass media public service campaign around family planning during COVID-19. The pandemic threatens to increase the number of unintended pregnancies as services have been curtailed and many women worry about accessing healthcare. This national campaign provides support and guidance. You can watch the video here
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