August 2014, issue #28

 Successful Quality Audits at E-Towers Famaba

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking." - Henry Ford


E-Towers quality manager Jaroslaw Ewert
Jaroslaw Ewert


E-Towers Famaba is proud to announce the ISO-9001, the ISO-14001 and PN-N 18001 certification audit was successfully passed, validating our quality management system for another year! The auditors stated that E-Towers Famaba has an excellent Quality Management System (QMS) and indicated how impressed they were with Famaba's efforts in the field of quality, resource efficiency and safety!


Congratulations to quality manager Jaroslaw Ewert and his quality department and to all who contributed in the preparation and accomplishment of the successful audit.


Lieven Bauwens

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Famaba E-Towers


Read more about the successful quality audits.


 New record @ E-Crane: 6 Cranes loaded onto one single ship.


Adegem, July 2014: It was a very busy start of the year at the E-Crane Worldwide assembly facilities. Many orders were received from both Europe and the US. However, Asia did even better with 6 cranes in total.


It was a long 'sprint' to get all these projects assembled and shipped on time to our customers. Especially the 6 E-Cranes for the Asian market (5x 700 Series and 1 x 1000B Series E-Crane) took a major logistical effort as these cranes all had to be loaded onto one and the same vessel at the port of Antwerp by mid June 2014.


Gauthier Vermeyen
Gauthier Vermeyen

The complete upper revolving structures were assembled and intensively tested in Belgium while the longer and heavier components left from our Polish factory 'E-Towers Famaba'. After a successful arrival of all components at the port of Antwerp, E-Crane's Gauthier Vermeyen stated: "All it took was a perfect coordinated dance between project management, the engineering, logistics, production and shipping department. The commitment of all involved, including our subcontractors, made this possible."


Read more about the new record at E-Crane 

E-Crane Technology Showcase 2014

We are pleased to announce plans for a E-Crane Technology Showcase to be held December 3rd - December 5th, 2014 in New Orleans Louisiana USA.

This will take place alongside the International Workboat Show (IWBS) held during the same week at the New Orleans Convention Center.


Read more about it

A warm welcome to our new colleagues



ECI-USA welcomes our new colleagues
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Service Technician

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