San Mateo Area Teen Mental Health Study
Last month, we released a research brief on a study conducted to understand the mental health needs of public school students in San Mateo County, and identify key supports and interventions.

In a new Q&A, Gardner Center researchers Kendra Fehrer and Kristin Geiser shared their perspectives on the issues and findings.
The Way We Do School: The Making of Oakland's Full-Service Community Schools District
A new book by Milbrey McLaughlin, Kendra Fehrer, and Jacob Leos-Urbel offers an in-depth profile of an ambitious full-service community school district in Oakland, California. The book focuses on a nearly ten-year effort to transform all 86 schools in the district into community schools in order to better meet the academic and personal needs of all students.
Happy 20th Birthday, Gardner Center!
Twenty years ago, Milbrey McLaughlin envisioned a center at the Stanford Graduate School of Education that would establish and maintain a community-university partnership to build new knowledge, practices, and capacity for youth development and learning. In 2000, she launched the John W. Gardner Center for Youth and their Communities, named for the leader, activist, and author whose ability to bring people together to work toward a common goal had improved the lives of millions of Americans. Gardner, then a consulting professor at the School of Education, believed that the public had finally awakened to the importance of youth development.

In his own words: "if you want to train leaders, you have to start early."

Twenty years later, we remain true to Milbrey and John's ideals, partnering with communities, researchers, and practitioners to produce research to improve and strengthen the well-being of youth, inform policy and practice, and emphasize equity and capacity-building in youth-serving organizations.

Over the course of this year, we plan to bring you stories of the Gardner Center's defining contributions to the field of youth development. We invite you to begin with Jonathan Rabinovitz's 2014 article on Milbrey's leadership and the founding of the Gardner Center.

Gentrification, Geography, and Declining Enrollment in Neighborhood Schools
A new study from Assistant Professor of Education and Gardner Center Faculty Advisor Alvin Pearman provides the first national evidence on patterns and relations of gentrification with respect to urban schooling, finding links between race, socioeconomic status, and enrollment in neighborhood schools.

To learn more about this research: