Angel howling at Wolf Haven

Have you ever heard
an angel howl?
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World of Wolves
December 2018

Meet Wolf Haven's newest resident: Layla

A new voice can be heard at Wolf Haven. Layla, a three-year old female, is an F1 wolfdog, or first generation, meaning that 50% of her DNA comes from a pure wolf (in this case her mother) and 50% from a domestic dog (her dad, a Malamute). Layla was born into the pet trade, spent her first two years of life on a cable line, and her last 10 months at an animal shelter. We are grateful to be able to give Layla a second chance in life, plus witness the renewed spirit in her enclosure mate, Yukon.
Want to own a wolfdog? 
THINK AGAIN (originaly appeared in the Fall issue of Wolf Tracks magazine.)
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Thanksgiving for the wolves

Once again, Wolf Haven staff enjoyed our fun team-building exercise of stuffing raw turkeys with all the fixins' (side dishes) for our resident wolves. Birds are filled with mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, yams, and a lone Brussels sprout for good measure. As some of you know, the wolves reject the Brussels sprout, but one of these years, we might be surprised.
Shadow_s 9th Thanksgiving turkey at Wolf Haven
Shadow's 9th Thanksgiving
turkey at Wolf Haven
Houston eagerly approaches his bird

Houston eagerly approaches his bird
Lakota secures his bird with his paw
Lakota secures his
bird  with his paw
Caedus eats his turkey_ but rejects Brussels sprout
Caedus eats his turkey' but
rejects Brussels sprout
Wolf Haven News

Ungulate banner
Chris Montero, outreach coordinator at Wolf Haven, designed a banner showing a life-sized bison, elk, deer and moose standing side by side. The banner, which stands over seven feet tall, will be used for Wolf Haven education and outreach. This visual representation accurately displays the disparity in size between prey and predator and makes quite a statement about the risks predators like wolves take when hunting, even as a pack.

"To conserve and protect wolves and their habitat."
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