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Weekly Newsletter full of information for Youth, Parents, Youth Leaders and Church Leaders. Enjoy! Feel free to share!
H i Friends!!
How are you doing?
I hope this week started off well and you are conquering everything you need to do!
I am emailing you with a list of new Support Resources for Parents, a new reading plan for the youth, and a fun game to play with your family and friends! 
In this email is also the meetings and links for this week and a new, ridiculous devo from Denise.
I pray things are going well for you. I am praying for all of your homes to be filled with peace in the middle of the crisis. I pray God holds you all during this time.
I am holding you all in prayer.
Please let me know if there's something specific I can pray for!
Love in Christ, Denise

Spiritual Practice Ideas
While we are apart, God is as close as ever to all of us.I encourage us all to take time each day to focus on God in our own way.

Here are some ideas:
Memorize Scripture together!
Choose a few places in your home to post the verse for this week:
"Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples" John 13:35
See who can memorize it by the end of the week.

On to our Next Devo!
YUMC Youth: I invite you to join me in a 8 day reading plan. It starts on THURSDAY! Go to this link, sign up for the reading plan. Then add me as a friend!! (Denise Harris)
FAITH Reading Plan:
Have you ever stopped to think about faith? And what is faith anyway? Does faith actually make a difference to our lives? The Bible has a lot to say about faith. Through exploring the story of Jairus and the sick woman in Mark 5:21-43, we will discover how Jesus responded to their faith, how powerful and loving He is, and investigate how faith in Jesus can impact our lives today.

Support Resources

Parents: Check out:
Hope-filled conversations about teenagers and anxiety with hosts Kara Powell and Brad Griffin. Part of the parent resources for Faith in an Anxious World, a four-week high school curriculum. Whether you’re a parent or a ministry leader, listen in as Kara and Brad talk with mental health experts, and discover tips to have meaningful conversations with young people beyond youth group.
Check out this week's
Devos w/ Denise! : CONNECTION!
Are YOU interested in recording a Devo? LET'S GO! Reach out to Denise today!
(stop her, before she makes more of these!)
Let's Have Fun!
Here are two ideas to help you have fun with the people in your home or friends you connect with online!
Skribbl.io Free and available in your web browser, Skribbl.io will have you sketching like a maniac in no time. When you go to the site, choose to create a private room. After watching a short ad, you’ll be able to send a link to friends so they can join. You’ll each be assigned a silly character name, then Skribbl.io will give you prompts for various objects to draw. If you don’t want to take your chance with the game’s random word engine — which you may want to avoid if you’re playing with especially young children — you can input your own words and set it so the game will exclusively use those.

What ideas do you have? Share them so we can tell others!
Email Denise@yardleyumc.org
We want to see your face! Below are a list of Zoom meetings happening this week.
Click on the picture to log on to the meeting!
I hope to see your face on a gathering this week!
Wednesday 12:30pm
God Squad
is meeting for lunch!
Kids in K-5th grade are invited to join God Squad online. Bring your lunch and a joke! 
Wednesday 6:30pm
Music Ministry and Friends
The Music Ministry gathers on Wednesdays to check in. If you are or have ever been part of the music ministry, they would LOVE to see your face!
If you just happen to have that time free and want to log on, the would LOVE to see your face! Adults and Youth welcome! 
Wednesday 7:45-8:45pm
Youth Group Time!
All youth 6th-12th grade are invited to log on for an hour of checking in, a new digital game, a devotion and new this week: Small Groups!

ALL youth are welcome!
Feel free to invite friends! 
Thursday 9:15pm
Young Adult Drinks and Discussion
Young adults, 18-27 are invited to
join us for a night of conversation,
support and devo!
Friends Welcome! 
Monday April 20th 8:15pm-9pm
Parent Check-in!
Parents, this time is asking so much of
you as you balance all of your responsibilities from home. It's a lot!

Let's check in and support one another!
We will check-in, support one another with encouragement and we will pray.

Join us to receive and give support!
 Friends welcome! 
YUMC Check-ins Check in with others, share how you are doing.
These Zoom calls are open to all church members and friends!