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The winner for our Sale Feedback Contest is....

Mary Drum!

Thank you for all of your entries, this is all very helpful!
Congratulations from Markey, Jen and the Gow Staff (Jimmy, Hannah, Mykk...)

Fall is here!

Even though it is not wintery cold yet, the chill is definitely creeping in and you may be finding you need more hydration for your skin. Not quite needing oils or creams yet, but hydration is imperative!

Though your skin very well may need a cream or moisturizer, we are going to focus on hydration in this article. We will talk about moisturizers for all skin types in our next major newsletter :)

Hydrating your skin any time of the year is important, but not everyone knows to focus on this. Moisturizers are often employed when the skin is dry, but having hydration is so very important.

We have alot of options for hydration depending on your preference and your skin.

Hydrosols are the water by product of Essential Oil Distillation. Sometimes they are distilled solely for the Hydrosol (As is the case for Jasmine)
Often called Floral Waters (but are not true floral waters) these water based products hydrate the skin and tone while plumping.

Hydra Gels
Simply defined as elegant, hydrating and complimentary to all skin types, these HydraGels are formulated with hydrosols, distillates, liposomes,  and leaf, berry, and/or fruit extracts as well as various actives. Glacier water also adds deep hydration, and is very calming to the skin.
There are no essential oils in our HydraGels.

Hydrosol Gels
Formulated in a liposome base, our Hydrosol Gels penetrate the epidermis more easily than other hydrators, while offering the properties of each hydrosol used. With a balance of corresponding essential oils formulated in a gel base, these Hydrosol Gels restore water, nutrients and moisture back into the skin.

Hydrating Mists
Gently hydrate your skin with these fruity, fresh, hydrating mists naturally flavored with fruit distillates and essences. These mists are nourishing for your skin while adding moisturizing and soothing ingredients. We also have our Fennel Seed Hydrating Mist, Calendula Blossom Hydrating Mist, and Yarrow Healing and Hydrating Mist.

Hydrating Gels
We have our Encapsulated Glacier Water Gel, high in minerals and trace elements, Encapsulated Glacier Water is an amazing hydrator and skin energizer. Formulated at the highest strength recommended by the manufacturer, glacier water leaves a refreshed, clean feel to the skin. Extremely soothing for irritated skin, as well as refreshing and calming. Deeply hydrating and restoring, this product is appropriate for all skin types. Formulated with a liposomes this is an absolute fantastic, simple form of skin hydration.

Hyaluronic Acid Serums
Hyaluronic acid is a well researched and tested active, known for its ability to hold over 1,000 times its weight in water. This characteristic makes it one of the best hydrators a person can add to their skin care routine.  Hyaluronic acid also protects skin with a light barrier, while allowing it to breathe. It causes skin to appear more plump, fills in fine lines, and dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue on the skin

Specialty Hyaluronic Acid Serums
These Hyaluronic Acid Serums are amped up with either an active or an anti aging ingredient or antioxidant. They are very hydrating and plumping and help with tightening the skin as well.

Regenerative Serums
Formulated in a liposome base, our Regenerative Serums are very light in texture with a touch of emolliency from the small amount of complimentary berry and/or seed oils added to each formulation. These serums are designed for hot and humid weather with their delicate consistency, while offering nourishing moisture back into the skin.

Sale Feedback Highlights!!

These were the top things that our customers (YOU) asked to see on sale!

NEW!! Eternal Youth Elixir
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Sulfur Clearing Serum and Mask

Carrier Oils
Hyaluronic Acid Serums
Various Acid products

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To thoroughly protect your valued items, we do suggest adding this service.
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Sample Program! NEW Samples! :)

We will be adding new samples over the next week. Keep checking back! :)

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