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Friday, April 2, 2021
New Study: These Processed Foods May Harm the Immune System

WASHINGTON - A food preservative used to prolong the shelf life of Pop-Tarts, Rice Krispies Treats, Cheez-Its and almost 1,250 other popular processed foods may harm the immune system, according to a new peer-reviewed study by Environmental...

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Is Estrogen Deficiency Really a Thing?

"Estrogen deficiency" is a common phrase. It is often used to describe people who are one year or more beyond their last period. However, estrogen deficiency has been diagnosed in 13- or 14-years-olds who have just experienced their first period. ...

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White button mushroom extract suppresses prostate cancer

Scientists continue to search for increasingly powerful drugs to take on cancer cells and inhibit tumor growth, and nature continues to provide them with a rich source of inspiration. The latest example comes from white button mushrooms, which a...

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Should you take fish oil? Depends on your genotype

UGA-led research shows benefits only with a specific genetic makeup Fish oil supplements are a billion-dollar industry built on a foundation of purported, but not proven, health benefits. Now, new research from a team led by a University of...

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Homeopathic Vaccination and Prophylaxis - The Time Has...

The issues regarding vaccinations in the modern era are many and varied but still have their roots embedded in the philosophical differences spawned by the germ and terrain theories from over a century ago. While conventional medicine has always...

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