New sermon series starts this Sunday | During May, we'll look at five key words we believe God wants us to hear. Together, they can help shape our lives today, and also our future. First up: Nicole Guthrie will bring us a message from Exodus 32 focusing on the first word, We.
Envelope Fundraiser | Help support 30 high school students and adults going on a mission trip to Alaska this summer. Choose an envelope numbered 1 to 100 and place cash or a check for that amount in the envelope. When all envelopes are filled, it will total over $5,000 which is divided among Alaska participants.
Communion Sunday | Whether you are joining us inside at 9 AM, outside (weather permitting) at 10:30 AM or online at 9 AM or later, we invite you to receive communion with us. We'll provide individual elements for those attending in person. Use whatever you have on hand if you are watching online. HCKids Sunday options here.
Last Days
Today's podcast is with Brad Bergfalk, our departing Interim Lead Pastor. Hear from Brad what he has enjoyed the most about his time in Kansas City, lessons learned, and parting words for Hillcrest.
Join us for twice daily (15 minute) prayer, Mon-Sat, through May 8. Together we'll look to God who is still at work through his beloved church. We'll gather online through Zoom to pray with a renewed commitment to the unifying power of the Holy Spirit. More including Zoom link and one in person option here...