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AirTime August 2020
Schedules, Towers and Archives. Oh My!

Things are not how they were before the shutdown, nor are they how they will be post-pandemic, but we continue to make progress towards regaining our equilibrium. Just don't call it the 'new normal.' We try to stay away from using the word 'normal' around here. It doesn't really describe much of what happens on the Outer Cape and sounds like it might actually be an insult. Nevertheless, we once again have a regular schedule with the vast majority of our volunteers producing shows from the Schoolhouse. The transmitter move from one tower to another in Orleans is complete, but the equipment still needs some fine tuning to get up to full strength. The signal at 91.3 is experiencing some static which we hope to clear up shortly. Speaking of moves, the broadcast archives which were formerly hosted by Radio Free America are now available directly on our website. You can listen to programs up to 2 weeks after their original air date. Magnificent!
Bye Bye Mr. American Pie     
John Whelan, the long-time host of American Pie, announced his retirement and had his last show on August 22nd. The oldies have been a fixture on Saturday mornings for many years and John did an admirable job of continuing that tradition in his time in the booth. In addition to his work with the radio station, John's commitment to the community was manifest in his book, I Am Of Cape Cod, which documented the stories of well over 100 locals from all 15 towns on the Cape. We were lucky to enjoy his talent and wish him the best in his retirement.
New Faces, New Places

Mike Fee
We're pleased to announce a few new additions to our broadcast schedule. You may already familiar with their extensive work as subs, but these folks can now get comfortable in regular spots in the rotation. Mike Fee will be Road Trippin' on Thursday mornings from 9:30-12:30 with his bag of blues, RnB and roots music. Robert Johnson will hold down the fort on alternate Wednesday mornings from 9:30-12:30 with a blend of rock, folk and Americana. Starting in October, JP will bring Blackbird Radio and its full-tilt heavy rock to Tuesday nights from 9 to midnight. A few slots continue to be occupied by interim hosts as we await the return of DJs on extended leave. Peggy Sue presents the oldies on Memory Lane alternate Saturdays from 6-10am, Mark O'Leary will take us to Lisdoonvarna with a Celtic vibe on Sundays from 4-6pm and MK will mix it up with Melancholics Anonymous on alternate Tuesdays from 1-4pm. Nancy Edwards will bring us a few more episodes of Behind The Mic on Tuesdays at 8pm as she focuses on the work of local artists. You can always see what's on tap on the schedule and catch up with what you may have missed in the archive.

In administrative news, the Nominating Committee has filed its report with a slate of recommended candidates in preparation for our annual meeting in November. The slate will be finalized soon so ballots can be printed and distributed in time for absentee voters to return them in advance of the meeting. If you or someone you know would like to be considered for the board or any of its subcommittees, please contact Executive Director John Braden at 508-487-2619 or john@womr.org.
Takin' Care of Business

Community radio is at its best when we can get as many people involved as possible. In an effort to bring even more people to the party, the board and volunteers have put together a pool of money to enable us to offer new memberships at half-price while supplies last. Even if you're already a member, you can purchase a new membership at a substantial savings. This may be of particular interest to business owners who want to support the station and get their name out there. We know that cash might be a little tight for small businesses this year, but we still want to help you strengthen the bonds with our listeners. For a limited time, your donation of $150 will be matched with funds from the New Member Challenge to get your business card on the air for a full year. Individuals can become Sustaining Members for just $90 and get their name in the credits of their favorite show. Basic Memberships are available for a mere $30. That's less than the price of two pizzas. We just hope that you don't have to choose between pizza and community radio. Experience shows that they go well together. Further research may be required.
Sex And Broadcasting

Did that get your attention? Originally the title of the book by Lorenzo Milam was meant to scare prudes away from community radio. Lorenzo passed away recently at the age of 87 after having inspired the founding of countless community radio stations, including WOMR. He was directly involved with a number of stations over the years, but was most known for his work with KRAB in Seattle. There's a good account of his life and work in the NY TImes, and Provincetown gets a passing mention in this story in Current. This documentary captures the zeitgeist that led the founders of WOMR to establish our outlet for creativity that continues today. Thank you, Lorenzo, for your spirit and your courage.

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