Summer 2016

New Strategic Partnership with SA Engineering Technology Center - Livonia, MI

Trexel, Inc. is pleased to announce the company has entered into a strategic partnership with SA Engineering and ENGEL to participate in a new facility built for technical collaboration using state-of-the-art injection molding equipment and the latest MuCell foaming systems.
The SA Engineering Technology Center (SAE Tech Center) is envisioned to be a collaborative incubator for developing leading edge technology processes and finding innovative and efficient solutions to reach customers' objectives.

The center's specialists and partner companies will support customers in optimizing specific processes utilizing state-of-the-art injection molding equipment and technologies in a confidential environment.

Trexel, Inc. Introduces the T-400 State-of-the-art MuCell® Super Critical Fluid (SCF) Dosing and Delivery System
The Trexel T-400 Series SCF (Super Critical Fluid) Delivery System is a state-of-the-art gas delivery and dosing system based on Trexel's patented technology, and built to the most stringent industrial standards. The system is specifically designed for large molding applications of > 2,500 - 12,500 g.

TecoCell ® chemical foaming agents were developed for injection molders using  unfilled polyolefin and polystyrene materials as well as high temperature-processing 
polymers, such as PET, PETg and PA, to improve part qualities and process economics.

TecoCell products offer many processing advantages for molders looking to  lightweight plastic parts while maintaining their structural integrity.  Processing advantages using TecoCell chemical foaming agents include:
  •  Lighter parts
  •  Faster cycle times
  •  Better dimensional stability
  •  Elimination of sink marks
  •  Better surface finish
  •  Elimination of voids in thick sections
  •  Lower melt viscosity
  •  Lower clamping pressures
  •  Lower molded-in stress
TecoCell's unique, patented chemistry is easy to incorporate into your existing injection  molding equipment without significant equipment changes.

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Trexel Announces New Senior Product Manager 

Trexel is pleased to announce that Vardhan Bajpai has joined the company as Senior Product Manager.  Vardhan brings many years of relevant experience; he was most recently Product Manager at Clarcor, a worldwide leader in filtration solutions.  
Vardhan will manage Trexel's MuCell and TecoCell product lines, supporting the company's global business. 

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Trexel Announces New Strategic Technology Advisor, 
Dr. Hans Wobbe joins the Trexel Team

Trexel, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Hans Wobbe as its Strategic Technology Advisor.  In this new role, Dr. Wobbe will  assist Trexel in the development of innovative foaming technolog ies in order to broaden its market reach.

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