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Photograph courtesy of Sarah Stacke
New Story is Featured National Podcast on The StoryCollider
Vignette from new show Be Fruitful and Multiply begins airing Oct. 31
Just days after completing a successful run of I Will Be Good  at the FringeNYC Encore series, I was asked to perform at The StoryCollider  in Brooklyn. An audience favorite, the story was selected for their national podcast. Tune in here!


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At The StoryCollider, all the stories told are about science, some by experts and some by everyday folks. My story  is based on my husband's and my experience with fertility treatments several years ago. It's both poignant and funny (well, as funny as invasive medical procedures can be) and is part of my upcoming show, Be Fruitful and Multiply (working title), currently in development. As always, I'd love your feedback -- email me  or post your thoughts on my Facebook page.  


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