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ENERGY STAR® for New Homes Standard Version 12.7
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has released the ENERGY STAR® for New Homes (ESNH) Standard Version 12.7, which 
includes some key changes, such as the removal of the requirement for ventilation air supplied by an HRV/ERV in MURB corridors.
12.7 also includes implementation of the requirement to meet the technical specifications for ENERGY STAR®-certified windows, doors and skylights for houses enrolled as of April 1, 2016. Note that while fenestration requirements in the core BOPs increase, the BOP points associated with the increase will apply.

If you have any questions, please contact Christephanie Uy
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EnerQuality Wins Two ENERGY STAR® Canada Awards

Thank you builders, evaluators and EQ Partners for helping EnerQuality earn this recognition.

We're delighted to have received our first ENERGY STAR ® Canada Awards in Winnipeg recently:  Participant of the Year - Program Delivery and Sustained Excellence

Among the many factors cited for recognition was delivering two key market transformation programs with Union Gas and Enbridge, participating in the advancement of energy efficiency in codes and ensuring quality training.

"We are excited to continue to work closely with our individual partners and especially Canada's builders to further accelerate innovation in housing, " says EnerQuality President Corey McBurney.

Enbridge Gas Distribution was also awarded Industry Partner of the Year Award - New Homes
A new slate of ENERGY STAR ® initiatives are being announced in this Bulletin and the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more!
EnerQuality joins Union Gas Home Reno Rebate program!
EnerQuality has been selected to deliver the Union Gas Home Reno Rebate Program, which offers rebates of up to $2,500 for eligible renovations to promote energy conservation. EQ will be a service organization for central, southwestern, northern and eastern Ontario. 
'Next Generation' Training Opportunities

We're kicking off the training season with a slate of offerings to prepare you for the next generation of housing programs. For the thousands who trained with EnerQuality in the last decade, there's never been a better time to upgrade your skills and knowledge. If you are new to the industry, or need a refresher, fall is your time to get up to speed.

With the looming OBC 2017, ENERGY STAR® 2017  to be announced, and the pending transition to Version 1 of the CHBA Net Zero Energy Labelling Program  t o name just a few,  there are more opportunities and innovations than ever before. 

Our fou ndation course is  Advanced Building Science  - your best and most cost-effective resource to get your staff and suppliers on  the  same page in time for these changes.

More workshops to be announced. Stay tuned.

New to high performance home building, have new staff or suppliers, or could use a building science refresher? Register for  Advanced Building Science

It's for those who build high performance homes, and is required for all new ENERGY STAR ®  participants. Past participants say it improved their understanding of energy efficient home construction and the construction of defect-free energy efficient homes. Group rates are available. 

October 20, 2016 - ENERGY STAR ®  2017 STANDARD

The new version of ENERGY STAR ® is anticipated for a Fall 2017 release.   Be among the first to be trained to the new  ENERGY STAR® for New Homes 2017 Standard

T his workshop is highly interactive and focuses on developing the builder's ability to determine the best way to build an ENERGY STAR ®  2017 qualified home.  Essential for all ENERGY STAR® training, this workshop covers key topics in construction of high performance homes.

More dates and locations around the province will be announced shortly.
Large-Building Airtightness Presentation, Online & In-Person 
Looking at the current state of large building airtightness based on the results of more than 500 tests, Lorne Rickets - building science engineer at RDH Building Science - will discuss the impact of increased performance requirements, identify key challenges and lessons learned. 

Attend in person or online on June 21; cost is $25 and includes continuing education credits if applicable.
Introducing Bari Rapp, EnerQuality's Front Line Dynamo

Each month, we will shine a spotlight on an EQ staffer. We are pleased to introduce the person most builders meet first - Bari Rapp.

Bari is the Program Coordinator at EnerQuality responsible for managing the enrollment and labeling of ENERGY STAR ® homes. Prior to joining us at EnerQuality, Bari spent 10 years working for home builders across the GTA including Mattamy Homes. 

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Program Coordinator
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Program Coordinator

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EnerQuality is Canada's #1 certifier of energy efficient homes and the market leader in residential green building programs. Founded in 1998 by the Ontario Home Builders' Association (OHBA) and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), EnerQuality's mission is to accelerate housing innovation to improve building performance. 

EnerQuality would like to thank our Partners for their continuing support:

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