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Here's What Our Patients Are Saying About Us


"Thank goodness you all know what you are doing!"

-CF Patient:  Baltimore, MD-


"Thank you for the way you take care of my needs.  Thank you for your prescription service. I am so pleased with everything about you!"

-CF Patient:   Goshen, IN-


"I am so impressed with all of you.  You have always exceeded my expectations. I would not be able to have this medication without your help!"

-CF Patient:

Bowling Green, KY-


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Refer a Friend Program


Our pharmacy promises you a $25 gift card for referring a new patient to us.  When the new patient submits their first order, not only will you receive a $25 Visa gift card, but your friend will, too! 


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Fun Fact

Did you know that Foundation Care Pharmacy was the winner of the 2011 St. Louis Better Business Bureau's Torch Award!


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Upcoming Family Education Days
CF Foundation
Family Education Day St. Louis, MO
Sutter Medical
Family Education Night Sacramento, CA

Stony Brook University Family Education Day Stony Brook, NY

Billings Clinic
Family Education Night
Great Falls, MT

Loma Linda Univesity Family Education Night
Loma Linda, CA

All Children's Hospital Family Education Day St. Petersburg, FL

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January/February 2012 Edition


Take advantage of a few of our special offers below and check out the latest Foundation Care news!


Thanks again for allowing Foundation Care to be your pharmacy!

What's Your Mutation?


Breakthrough gene-specific CF drugs are expected to become available within the next few months.  In addition, more gene-specific CF treatments are sure to follow.  As these are released to the market, it will be important for you to know your gene mutation.


Do you want to be notified when gene specific treatment is available for your gene mutation?Rex Flying to get everyone's mutation


Foundation Care is asking each CF patient to call us at 877-291-1122 and/or email us at as soon as possible with their specific mutation to be added to their patient profile.  In addition, starting February 1st, a patient may update their online profile with their gene mutation. 


Keep an eye out for your mail as well.  We'll be mailing flyers to patients with this information.


Once we receive the patients' information, we'll make sure to notify them when and where the treatments will become available, as well as inform them about any new products that are in development.


We want our patients' to be well-informed regarding your treatment options. 


Click here for more information.

Changes in Insurance and Reimbursement


2012 opened with many changes in the way your insurance claims are processed. The Foundation Care staff has beenReimbursement working with several patients that have already been experiencing delays receiving their prescriptions because of changes to government plans.


We realize the potential health care challenges this may create. In order to minimize the personal impact, please call us today if you know your insurance has changed or if you want to check your coverage so that your next refill is not delayed.


For more information on our reimbursement services, click here.

Save & Simplify!


Simplify your life for the New Year and switch ALL (your entire families) prescriptions to Foundation Care (FC) Pharmacy.


FC will work with your physicians and insurance companies and will call to remind you of your refills. Plus, don't forget that FC provides FREE home delivery.  Not only will that save you gas money, but it will also save you from spending your precious free moments hopping from pharmacy to pharmacy, waiting in lines and having to come back for products not in stock! Our goal is to help you finish your "2012 Resolutions List" in record time.   Contact us today to receive the care we know you deserve.


For more information on our retail pharmacy services, click here.

Where's ReX? New Game Rules


On Monday, January 9th, Foundation Care debuted a fresh version of "Where's Rex?"!


The objective of the game is still the same: determine the location of Rex the Pharmacist and what product he is promoting to win a prize!


What is new about the game?

  1. The game will last 6 weeks in length instead of 3 months.
  2. A new clue will be released on the Monday of each week for 6 weeks. Make sure to send us your answer for each clue!  
  3. For each question answered correctly, you will get an additional raffle entry for a chance to win a $25 VISA Gift Card!
  4. Be sure to save each week's answers, because at the end of six weeks you will use those answers as clues to determine ReX's location.


Did you miss this week's deadline? Don't worry! We'll be adding bonus questions to help you catch up!


Also, if you take a photo with Rex the Pharmacist and post it on Foundation Care's Facebook page (with your name and city), you'll automatically enter yourself into the raffle. If you don't have a Rex doll, call or email us today to request him in your next shipment.


For more details on the NEW rules of the 2012 "Where's ReX?" game, visit:

Have a wonderful day!


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