June 15, 2015

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A Beloved Father: William Mitchell


William and Lydia Mitchell were the parents to ten children-nine of whom survived through adulthood. Even for such a large family, they were all very close.   Lydia tended to be the

enforcer-making up for the perhaps too gentle ways of William. He and his third child, Maria, became close through their love of astronomy and mathematics and it was William who encouraged Maria at many steps. She once said it was a sympathy for her father that led her to astronomy-a sympathy hinged on the fact that even if it was 0F and clear at night, William still needed to observe. And, Maria joined him.


In the 1890s, Phebe Mitchell Kendall published Maria's journals in Maria Mitchell: Life, Letters, and Journals. (Phebe was something of the family historian-she had asked William to write a short autobiography which he did.) Phebe made her own comments throughout Maria Mitchell and here is a small sampling of what she said about their father.


Mr. Mitchell was a man of great suavity and gentleness; if left to himself he would never have denied a single request made to him by one of his children. His first impulse was to gratify every desire of their hearts . . . . he was the sympathetic friend and counselor of many in trouble who came to him for help or advice . . . little children would run up to him to be patted on the head. He treated animals in the same way . . . . There was everything in the home which could amuse and instruct children.


Other generations of children and young adults came to know and love him as well as he became a grandfather-figure for many of Maria's students at Vassar College where he lived with her. An astronomer, teacher, natural scientist, surveyor, the bank cashier at Pacific National-William touched the lives of many-not just his family.



Director of Astronomy Leaving MMA

After over 2 and a half years at the Maria Mitchell Association, Dr. Michael West, Director of Astronomy, will be leaving MMA at the end of July to begin a new and exciting position as Deputy Director for Science at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, AZ. Lowell Observatory is where Pluto was discovered in 1930, and it's also home to the new "Discovery Channel Telescope". Additionally, the first observations of the expanding universe took place at Lowell.  It is interesting to note that Lowell Observatory shares a very similar mission as MMA with both institutions focusing their efforts and resources on astronomical research, as well as public outreach. Located just an hour from the Grand Canyon, the observatory receives more than 80,000 visitors per year. Dr. West noted that the combination of hands-on-learning and public outreach at MMA prepared him well for this opportunity. Michael's presence at MMA will certainly be missed and we all wish him well.

We are pleased to report that a search to fill the astronomy position is already underway and we have received an excellent pool of candidates with exceptional experience.  The search committee will be working diligently to fill this critical position as soon as possible.   


Discovery Camp Scholarships 

Thanks to the generosity of EGCF, a

non-profit foundation, MMA is offering twelve Discovery Camp scholarships.  These scholarships provide an 80% discount plus a reduced price membership of $25.  To learn more and to apply, please visit the scholarship page on our website or click: Scholarship Application


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