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NEW: R.E.A.L. Conversations Series

R.E.A.L. Conversations with Hollister Institute
The 3 Keys to Business Sustainability in the Midst of Crisis

With the stark realization that our current reality looks to be our new normal, business is being called to shift from focusing on the immediate crisis to focusing on business sustainability. Because most of our interactions are now virtual, our awareness of what is needed in our organizations, and across our teams, is critical to our long-term success. Please join us for this new interactive webinar series designed to provide you with tools to increase your awareness and "respond-ability" to your most important asset...your people! 
Please plan to have your video and microphone enabled to enhance our interaction as we put these tools into practice, and learn from one another. We are excited to have you join us!
Becoming Agile in our Current Reality
Monday, April 6th - 12 PM
Tuesday, April 7th - 9 AM

We are wired for comfort, and in this time of uncertainty, nothing is comfortable. We are out of comfort each day as we are forced to do things differently. Crisis requires adaptability. Adaptability requires awareness - awareness of ourselves, others, and the world around us. Once we are aware, we are able to respond in more impactful ways that are aligned with what is needed, for ourselves and for others. Join us as we discuss the 3 Levels of Awareness and how they can positively impact the way you do business in the midst of our ever-changing and uncertain times.

Keeping Your People Motivated, Inspired & Productive in a Virtual Workplace
Monday, April 13th - 12 PM
Tuesday, April 14th - 9 AM

Your people are the heartbeat of your organization and that has never been more important to acknowledge than during this current medical and economic crisis. As we manage through this time of uncertainty, it is easy to panic and to focus only on the bottom line. By putting our people first, encouraging others, and communicating with clarity and assuredness, we create an environment for people to innovate and to come together to reach a shared objective.  Join us for a rich discussion on how to engage the people on your team and within your organization who are responsible, directly or indirectly, for growing the bottom line. You will learn tools and techniques to design key relationships within your organization to create an environment of increased creativity, innovation, and deepened loyalty that are critical for sustainable business success.

Leveraging the Strengths of Your Team in a Virtual Workplace
Monday, April 20th - 12 PM
Tuesday, April 21st - 9 AM

High-performance teams are critical to the success of every business. Part of what contributes to strong team performance is the practice of  leveraging one another's strengths when faced with business challenges. To take performance from good to best, we must expand our approach beyond simply "finding our strengths."  We must identify each individual's unique abilities and explore what they need more of to grow, thrive, and be successful.  Join us as we learn what it means to "leverage the strengths of your team" in order to create a culture where individuals are empowered to explore  and to grow in all aspects of leadership. 

Community Rising - A Conversation with Kip Hollister
Wednesday, April 8th - 11 AM

Join Kip Hollister, CEO and Founder of Hollister Staffing & Institute, for an interactive discussion around how we lead during these unprecedented times.

Guided Meditation
Thursday, April 9th - 10 AM

Join Kip Hollister, CEO and Founder of Hollister Staffing & Institute, for a guided meditation to help you focus and stay grounded.


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