July 2018
New Best of Both Worlds
featuring CS7 and Elevate
Gammill owners Andrew and Michelle Weaver join host Linda Taylor on this new episode of the Best of Both Worlds. They take a look at combining features of CreativeStudio 7.0 and the Elevate, Gammill's entry-level computerized system. Watch to see how CreativeStudio 7.0 and Elevate can be used together; and, learn how to digitize a pattern from a drawing using CreativeStudio 7.0.
Block Breakdown: Cross & Crown
In this episode of Block Breakdown, Quilt Artist Karen Marchetti demonstrates different ways of quilting a Cross and Crown block. Click the link below for a template you can practice at home and more creative ideas from the Block Breakdown series.
Tips, Tricks & Maintenance Moments!
New tips, tricks, and maintenance videos are coming your way! We will be releasing new, short videos each week on social media. Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to catch the first look at new videos. Click the video above to watch the first clip on the Stand Alone Bobbin Winder.
Cruise Classes & Registration
Have you seen the amazing lineup of classes on the Gammill cruise? Hand-guided, Elevate or Statler, there is something for everyone! Plus, the cruise features technical training and more. A very limited number of Interior and Balcony rooms are available. For more information, e-mail contact@gammill.com , visit Gammill.com/Cruise or register now .
Upcoming Events
August 10-12
A three-day Statler retreat featuring Joan Knight

September 13 - 15
Three-day event featuring Kim Diamond and Jo Ann Blade

CS7 Educational Event Syracuse, New York
September 15 - 16
Two-day event featuring Georgia Stull

Modern Quilting Retreat Ontario, Canada
September 17 - 18
Two-day event featuring Quilt Artist Jodi Robinson

Statler Days 2018 Zanesville, Ohio
October 4 -6
Three days of instruction on CreativeStudio 7.0

Set Sail with Gammill Cruise Fort Lauderdale, Florida
October 14 - 21
Cruise featuring 15 Statler and hand-guided teachers