Orchard Grooming
New York, New York
Brewer's Pear
Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Will winter never end?!  Roll through the cold days and nights with our healthy dried Asian Pears and our array of warming wines and spirits!
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February 2013

Orchard Grooming.


Pear Tree Pruning 

Pruning activities continue at our Pennsylvania orchards all winter long; no matter the weather conditions (except for rain).


Our intrepid crew tirelessly works to ensure that every branch of every tree in our orchard receives its annual grooming.  


Pruning also ensures the health of the tree; a healthy tree means delicious fruit at harvest time!  

New York, New York!


New York Wine Expo 2012

For our NY fans, enjoy an opportunity to sample our wines during this three-day wine festival. Subarashii looks forward to showing off during this year's expo: sampling alongside wines from all over the world.


Last year Subarashii relished in the exposure from this event, we look forward to delighting even more people this year. For tickets and more info, click here.  Dried Asian Pears will be available for sampling (and purchase) as well during this event.  


Spirits fans! there will be a tasting of our Asian Pear Eau de Vie (clear un-aged brandy) in Manhattan in the coming weeks as well. Visit us at Astor Wines & Spirits on March 20th from 6 to 8 PM.

Brewer's Pear.

  brewers plate logo

On March 10th at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Subarashii will be teaming up with Fair Foods, local microbreweries, and fellow growers to raise awareness about locally sourced foods & farming. This event features great local food, produce, meats and cheeses paired with local beer. Subarashii will be sharing samples of its Asian Pear Wine for those who seek something more fruit-forward. For tickets, hours and more information, visit:
Fair Foods Brewer's Plate

Explore samples of our other gourmet offerings during our many events scheduled this Winter and Spring. Visit the events' pages of or for more information.
dried pear wine ginger dish    

Dried Asian Pear Saute.

A creative mix of greens and fruit in this winter recipe.  Fresh snow peas sauteed with our dried Asian Pears, Asian Pear Dessert Wine, crystalized ginger and the always versatile butter - makes for a lightly sweet way to enjoy green vegetables.  

Click here to download this recipe. To order dried Asian Pears for this recipe, visit our website. To find out where to buy our Dessert Wine for this recipe, click here.






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