First of all:
                             THE CELEBRATION OF WESTERN ART SHOW
                                                     October 9, 10, 11
                                       FREE ADMISSION, FREE PARKING

For those of you who have attended, I need to make no descriptions of the wonderful art and artists you will find here.  For the rest of you who live near enough, don't miss it this year.  I will have my three newest sculptures shown below as well as many more for you to enjoy. 
This bronze has gotten off to a great start.  It is truly magnificent and collectors have loved it.
18 1/2 " tall
Limited Edition of 30.
Our Price: $ 3600.00
Thank my gallery in Jackson Hole for getting me off the stick on this guy.  They kept selling out my last moose edition.
12 " tall
Limited Edition of 20
Our Price: $ 2100.00
Sometimes I just have to do another beautiful horse.  I love horses.  But then, so do you. A lovely new patina on this one.
16 " tall
Limited Edition of 30
Our Price: $3100.00
I will as be introducing my new horse head sculpture THE FLIRT.  A filly with a charming attitude, she is liable to flirt her way into your heart.  Precast offer of $1100.  Come meet her and just maybe fall in love.  She can be patinaed just the way you want her when you order, (as can all my sculptures).

Things are getting ready for Winter here on the place.  The garden is put to bed, thankfully, I hate to say it but I was almost getting tired of picking tomatoes and green beans.  Now for the apple crop,  18 trays of dried apples yesterday and as soon as I finish this I'll be clamping the peeler back on the round oak table for another set of trays.  A barn full of hay, a nearly filled woodshed,
(the last two cords are in a pile by the splitter) and the leaves will be ready to rake and into the compost pile when I get home.  The grouse and robins are cleaning the Mountain Ash trees of berries and the wild turkeys are everywhere.  I've never seen so many.  Between them and the deer cross traffic on our county road is heavy and makes for very slow and careful driving.  Those turkeys are prone to stopping and peering up into the car windows while they try to remember just why they wanted to cross the road anyway.
Gabe Gabel
Gabe Gabel Studio
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