Limited Edition of 30
20" tall by 12" wide


SLICK is cast and ready to come home with you. He is delightful. Perhaps he might want to play around your fireplace hearth or stand up on a table keeping his eye on everything.

To be cast in a limited edition of 20
11" by 11"
Precast Special price $1500.00
Issue price to be $2000.00

The thoroughbred colt is bred with stars in the eyes of his breeders.  This nick will have the magic, this will be the colt that wins it all
to be cast in a limited edition of 30
28" long 19" tall

Precast special price $2700.00
issue price to be $3600.00

He is a free spirit, proud and strong. Watch him as he plays with the wind, yet you know he has willingly become your partner, sharing his strength and power, guided by your hands and heart.
T Kurtz and the magic of her Aspens

And her rushing water, her snow, and her lakes.  And all the other beautiful images from her pastel box

She introduces her new web site,
Please visit it for more of her beautiful paintings that she will be showing at the Colorado Indian Market in Denver.

It is nearly time for the Colorado Indian Market again. Mark your calender for the weekend of January 19, 20, and 21st. The Festival takes place and the Denver Mart, as usual, and again, it is a fabulous show with wonderful art and entertainment.

We will also be showing later this year at the Custer Arts and Craft show in Spokane, Washington March 2, 3, and 4th at the Spokane Fair and Expo Center.

For those of you who are interested in Gabe's new work, please feel free to email her or call 208 265 9613. We do take time payments happily as well as Visa and Mastercharge. We welcome your questions about the work. 

And now, as most of us are being hit with lots of snow, we are getting ready to head for Kalispell to pick up the sculptures for the Denver show.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all.