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Workshops Now Scheduled

The November training workshop in Salt Lake City was well received.  Here is what one participant said: " I learned so many ways that the body should relate to the bike--from knee angle, to seat width, to cleat alignment, to hand positioning. You name it! Most importantly, I learned "how" to perform a bike fit."

Places and dates have been set for Bike Fitting workshops for early 2017.  You can view the schedule here.

The workshop structure and content has been updated yet again, and the primary focus is on learning the skills and process of bike fitting.  Use of the Fit Kit System is just a tiny part of the overall process. Workshop descriptions are here.

Participants also earn credits toward certification with the IBFI.
So what is the IBFI?
Standards and Certification

The IBFI is a UK based non profit organization with broad global support to increase the standard of bike fitting, and the cyclist's experience of a bike fit.
It is an industry driven initiative to promote the benefits of bike fitting to cyclists, promote continuing education to bike fitters, and manage a certification process.  The criteria for certification are currently being revised, with updates and announcements expected by the end of this year.  Visit IBFI here.
NEW 2 in 1 Seat Height Tool
Measure both ways!

It's been a long time coming, but we have now released a new version of our popular seat height tool, which can be used to measure saddle height from the center of the bottom bracket as well as from the pedal spindle.  The tool features a dual scale, color coded to match the relevant locating mechanism. The BB adapter will work with any crankset featuring an 8mm to 25mm recess on non-drive side. Put in on your Christmas wish list, and find it in our online store here.
The International CYCLEFIT Symposium
The Intelligence of Fit

Last month I attended the ICS in the UK, being one of about 6 Americans to cross the pond and mingle with fitters from far and wide. The theme of the symposium was "the intelligence of fit", acknowledging that the most important bike fitting tool we have is the one between our ears. Our brains were exercised by speakers and demonstrations from a wide range of disciplines. Notable presenters included former 1 hour world record holder Graeme Obree, and Steve Peters who is consulting psychiatrist to British Cycling and Team Sky. With bike fitting, there is always more to learn!

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