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January 2019
Tulare County Medical Society honors retired VMC physician
George Skaff, MD, was recently presented with the George Tiss Memorial Award in recognition of his service to the community and service to medicine.

Dr. Skaff, a pediatrician with Visalia Medical Clinic for more than 40 years, was nominated by Prem Kamboj, MD, in recognition of Dr. Skaff’s outstanding service to the physicians and youth of the community. He was presented with the award at the Tulare County Medical Society’s annual holiday celebration.

The award is presented each year in honor of the late Dr. Tiss, who set the example of selfless devotion to the well-being of all people in the community, and donated services to the indigent and to charitable groups for over 40 years. Read more.

(Pictured from left: Son Christopher Skaff, MD; George Skaff, MD; and wife, Judy Skaff)
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