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We are well into the new year, and are excited about all the projects we have on the horizon. Do you have any plans to remodel or build? If that project includes cabinetry, be sure to keep us in mind in your planning! Our designers are actively involved in the entire process. We complete on-site measurements and consultations and we assist plumbers and electricians with precise measurements and specifications for rough-ins. The sooner we are brought into the project, the more of our services the customer will benefit from.

Read on for some ideas you may want to include in a future remodel or new build!
Wanting an 'old' look but also wanting modern cabinetry features like soft close doors and adjustable hinges? We can do that! Not only can we achieve an 'old' look with the finish and texture of the wood cabinetry itself, but have you ever thought about faux hinges?

Exposed hinges are gaining popularity, especially with the farmhouse, vintage looks that many are trying to achieve. Wouldn't it be nice to achieve this look, but have the strength and features of modern hinges?

Take a look at the cabinetry in these pictures. They show examples of exactly what we are talking about. You can see the feature of the exposed hinge, but when opening the door, voila, a modern day hinge is actually the one doing the work!

Call us if this is something you'd like to learn more about! Turn something old into something new with our help! 
So you pick out the perfect countertop for your kitchen…and then you get asked one more question, “What kind of finish are you wanting?”
Wait…what? There are options?
When you picked out your tops, you probably were drawn to a specific look, whether the look of marble, a gorgeous natural stone with dark veining, or maybe a solid color. But did you know you had options on how that countertop is finished? Not only does the type of countertop (granite, quartz, etc.) you choose for your home affect your overall design, functionality, and maintenance, but so does the finish!
The options that people most often hear about are polished and honed (or matte). So let’s do a quick run-down of these two.
Polished - This is the one people most imagine in their minds when they think of a finished kitchen. The light reflecting off of the surface not only helps to enrich the color of the countertop, but the reflecting light can help make the room appear larger than it is. Polished finishes tend to be less porous, which lends to less of those kool aid - or wine ;) - stains. They tend to also be easier to clean and do not require the homeowner to seal as often, or at all when it comes to quartz. You still need to be mindful of a few things that come along with polished tops. In order to keep it shining, you must stay on top of cleaning and make sure to use the right cleaning agents for your specific countertop (which can be found at any local hardware store). You don’t want to diminish or etch out that shine! Also remember that these polished countertops are known to steal the spotlight! They will be a main focal point in your home, and if you are wanting another feature to take center stage, this is something to consider.
Honed - Let’s talk about the lesser talked about, but a very up and coming popular finish. A honed (or matte) finish is a smooth, satiny - just plain cool look. Instead of reflecting the light, it absorbs light, which gives off an incandescent feel that will add rustic, casual charm to your home. With it not being as reflective, there are some major perks. You won’t notice scratches or marks as easily, as well as any imperfections in the natural stone itself. With a honed finish, the countertop color will be more muted, as well as a bit more porous, which could lead to the top being more prone to staining (requiring more frequent resealing).
Suede - Another finish gaining in popularity is suede (also called leathered). A suede/leathered finish brings out the natural characteristics of the stone, resulting in a textured appearance that looks like..you guessed it…leather! Each type of stone will result in a different texture depending on the stone's composition. The end result of this look is rustic and natural.
Options are nearly endless when it comes to your countertops. But be for certain, that your choice of putting in a new countertop puts so much value into your home. It adds the obvious monetary value, but most importantly, it can up the value of your life. Cleanliness, functionality, and just plain being in love with your countertop is enough to make anyone happy!
Above is a polished granite in our showroom. Notice the rich gorgeous colors and the sheen it casts in the light.
Above is a honed and suede/leathered granite, also in our showroom. The texture on this piece, along with the muted dark color adds a rustic casual charm to the stained island it sits on.

Appliances today are getting more and more advanced. We want our appliances to look good from the outside, but they also need to be in proper working order. With some frequency, we receive phone calls specifically asking about preheat times on newer ovens that we have installed. "My oven is taking a long time to preheat, do you think there's a problem with it?" More than likely, the answer is no.
Newer ovens have reached a higher standard. Before, the temperature just had to reach your desired level in one section of the oven. Now, the ENTIRE interior of the oven (all walls, racks, and in all spots of that oven) needs to reach your desired temperature. This allows for more even cooking and baking, and more precise cook times. It should also be noted that if you have a gas oven, it may take even longer to stabilize and reach the desired temperature level.
The best advice we have come across is to turn your oven on when you start gathering your ingredients. Planning to cook a lasagna or bake cookies? Turn your oven on to preheat and continue your preparations. Remember, though it may seem like preheat times are hindering or slowing you down, the end result is well worth the wait! Your family will thank you when they sit down to eat your delicious lasagna!
Countertops can be a big investment, but with good reason. They of course provide you with a stable surface for prepping dinner, baking delicious desserts, or putting on your make up, but also tend to be a place of drink spills, the occasional hot pan or curling iron, and other things like homework, arts and crafts, and toothpaste marks. Now while we of course need to research the ins and outs of all the various options of countertops to make sure it meets the needs of your lifestyle (check out this chart), let's get to the main point...they need to look good, and you need to be happy with them.

When looking for countertops, most of the samples are quite small. With natural stone, the veining and pattern can vary greatly, so we often get asked, "Is there any way I could see a larger piece?"

At FCI, we work with stone yards in surrounding areas - Louisville, St. Louis, Indianapolis, and Chicago. Our customers are welcome to visit these locations to view the thousands of stone slabs they have on site (granite, quartz, marble, etc.). If a trip to these stone yards isn't ideal for you, once a project is confirmed with us, we can have a slab shipped to our local fabricator in Newburgh, IN - Cabinets & Counters.

FCI uses Cabinets & Counters for fabrication of our customer's stone countertops. After we measure, template, and provide CAD drawings to C&C, they fabricate and return the ready to install stone to us. Having the ability to bring our customers their countertops the same day as we install cabinetry, speeds up your project by 2-3 weeks. Your project gets completed faster, and you can start enjoying your kitchen or bathroom even quicker!
Pictured above is the stone yard at
Cabinets & Counters in Newburgh, IN.
Another fun fact about our local fabricator, Cabinets & Counters, is that they have hundreds of remnants left over from various projects. These are great sources for small projects (like a bathroom vanity top) in your home. The cost of your project can be greatly reduced if you are not needing to purchase a brand new slab.

Being able to see your tops in large scale before purchasing is a big relief for some of our customers. Now there will no longer be a need to worry, but instead be extremely happy and excited about your new tops!
Forget any 'rules' regarding finishes in your home that you may have heard or thought were true. Your home does not need to be perfectly matched from head to toe! I mean, today we are getting by with wearing black and brown together, when some time ago, that was just thought of as taboo! So thinking that all of your cabinet hardware has to match, along with your faucets, your lighting fixtures, your door knobs, etc. is a little far fetched too, don't you think?

This trend has gained in popularity as many homeowners are also choosing to go with more than one color with their kitchen cabinets. And where black or oil rubbed bronze may pop beautifully on the white cabinetry that you picked out, you may want a different feeling on your navy or dark stained island that is part of your design.

Well...times have changed - thank goodness - and if you want to mix up the finishes in your home... wonderful! Just do it in a way that makes sense!

The best bet is to choose a dominate player with your finishes, and then implement other finishes into your design story as accents.

The pictures here display how simple and gorgeous it can be to implement more than one finish into your home. If you need help when coming across this decision, we are here to help! We can also recommend amazing decorators that can help you complete the rest of your home's design story.
We love to hear from our clients!
We worked with Sarah Fehrenbacher Slaton and couldn't have been happier with the service and expertise she provided to the craftsmanship of our kitchen down through installation. Sarah and her team customized solutions to fit our needs putting over 100 man hours just in our radiused eat in kitchen bench which is truly one of a kind. Our entertainment center, kitchen cabinets and island are all breathtakingly beautiful. Everything was planned and executed perfectly without a single hitch- perfection is what you can expect with this team and family business. It truly doesn't get any better than this group.

-Julie and Jon, from Newburgh
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