Center cares about saving water 

One of our biggest projects undertaken in late 2015 has now been completed.

Thanks to a grant from The Cochise Water Project, the grass lawns at the Life Care Center of Sierra Vista on Wilcox Drive have been replaced.

Around 17,000 square feet of grass was removed, and gravel and desert landscaping was installed. 

With very little water needed now, the annual savings will amount to an estimated 558,000 gallons annually.

Save water and cash - sign up now! 
It's a new year and we have new funding for an additional 1,000 low flush toilets. But once they are gone, they're gone, so now is the time to sign up for this great program.

In 2015 we replaced more than 1,000 high use toilets with 0.8 gallons per flush models, which will result in water savings of around 13 million gallons annually. Program participants will reduce their monthly water bills also.

Each toilet costs $95, which includes installation, and the program is limited to two toilets per household.

To sign up for this toilet rebate program just call us at (520) 732-2014.

What's hot at the Water Project?

Looking for new ways to save water? An on-demand control pump can reduce your annual water use by as much as 10,000 gallons every year by significantly cutting the amount of time it takes for hot water to reach your faucets.

The Cochise Water Project is working on introducing a new rebate program soon to help offset the cost of buying and installing these systems.

Check future editions of this newsletter to find out how you can take advantage of this program.
Access to water changes lives
It's easy for all of us to take our safe and clean drinking water for granted. But in developing nations lack of treated water can have a profound impact on populations, especially women.

Providing easier access to water has a life-changing effect on women in impoverished communities. How?


Increases girls' school attendance, level of education and literacy rates, as they no longer need to miss classes to secure water for their families.

  • Improves health for women and girls who no longer have to delay defecation and urination.
  • Reduces child and maternal mortality as a result of safe water, sanitation facilities and improved hygiene during childbirth.
  • Increases dignity and reduces psychological stress for girls and women, particularly when symptoms associated with menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth can be manage more discreetly.
  • Reduces physical injury from constant lifting and carrying heavy loads of water.
  • Reduces risk of rape and sexual assault, and increases safety as women and girls do not have to go to remote and dangerous places to defecate or fetch water during the night.

For more information visit
Continuing to meet our mission

The Cochise Water Project's accomplishments during 2015 were recently featured in the Sierra Vista Herald/Bisbee Daily Review.

Thanks to the efforts of this non-profit, along with partnering organizations, businesses and the community, we will save an estimated 158 million gallons of water through our 2015 projects.

You can read the full article here
Get a rainwater barrel while stocks last!
If you missed out on getting  one of our rainwater barrel kits last year, don't worry. We still have a limited supply available at our offices.

These 50 gallon barrels are very easy to install and a great way to get started on your rainwater harvesting journey.

The best part? They only cost $50 each. We may still have some El Nino rains on the way, so get your barrel installed soon to take advantage of the rainfall and start watering your springtime landscaping. Call us at (520) 732-2014 today, while supplies last. 

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