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Sunday Services at 10:30 am 


Celtic Meditations at 4:00 pm



Healing Services  every week at 4:00 pm


Young  and the Restless Chapel at 9:00 am the second Sunday of the month 


Morning Prayer 

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

at 9:30 am



All are always welcome to worship and pray with us at all services

This Week's Calendar


6:15 pm
Choir Rehearsal

7:00 pm
Thanksgiving Eve Choral Holy Eucharist

8:00 pm
Choir Rehearsal

Happy Thanksgiving!
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Greens arrive!


9:00 am 
Pre-Advent Retreat with
Wreath decorating

7:00 pm

Advent I

9:30 am
Choir Rehearsal

10:30 am
 Holy Eucharist with Birthday Prayer and the Blessing of the Greens
Church School

11:45 am
Coffee Hour

12:00 pm
Docent Training

4:00 pm
Celtic Evensong 
and Communion 

5:00 pm
Docent Training


9:30 am 
Morning Prayer

Tues day

9:30 am
Morning Prayer

6:00 pm
AA meeting

10:00 am
Art Class

10:00 am
Staff Meeting

11:00 - 2:00 
Private lessons in church

7:30 pm
Choir Rehearsal

The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Rector

Tom Gaither,
Sr. Warden
Joanne Moar,
Jr. Warden
Peggy Carter, Clerk
Joanne Moar, Treasurer

Melissa Barnes
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Paige Nalipinski
Jane Stewart
Jason Stonehouse
Angela Williams

Larry Kamp,
Director of Music
Tom and Karen Tucker, Sextons
Cheryl Robinson, Bookkeeper
The Reverend
 Debbie Phillips, 

Hugh MacKay 
Joanne Moar,

Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Beth Brown
Lois Nicholson
Cindy Rhodes
Helen Watson-Felt,
Altar Guild
Deb Papps,  Chair
Jane Thompson
Maureen Joyce,
Flower Committee 
Celtic Meditations Team
Ryan Patten, musician
Eric Wagner
Jane Stewart
Joanne Moar
Kathleen Tone

Directors of Church School
Melissa Barnes
Anna Layne 

Real Asset Management/Property
Eric Wagner
Mike Ouellette
Tom Tucker
Bob Cole
Walter Weizenauer
Robert Hoffman

Ministry Team
Tom Gaither, Chair
Caroline Watson-Felt
Priscilla Lemons, Clerk

 Creation Care
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Tom Gaither
Jane Stewart

Garden of Life
Jason Stonehouse

Ad Hoc Fundraising
Peggy Carter
Melissa Barnes
Joanne Moar
Caroline Watson-Felt

Convention Delegates
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Joanne Moar
Eric Wagner, Alternate

Deanery Delegates
Laura Beasley-Topliffe
Joanne Moar
Walter Weizenauer

Thought this Week
Dear Seekers,

Happy New Year! That's what the first Sunday in Advent is; the beginning of a new liturgical year. This Sunday when you come to church, you will immediately sense that something is different. You'll smell the greens, and see the purple of the hangings and vestments. The choir will call us to "look from afar and see;" see the star beginning to rise in the East, see the dawning of a new day of justice and peace.

You'll also find faces familiar and new. We can recommit to relationships nurtured over the years and radically welcome new people into our lives. As we hear the Scripture stories of promises made and kept, let us too find ways to joyfully fulfill the commitments we have made.

Happy New Year! Let us celebrate the story of the eternal love story that has no beginning or end. Let us open our hearts to let Jesus be birthed anew so that we too may bear this love.

In the Way of Love,

This Sunday
This is the First Sunday of Advent. The above picture is part of a stained glass window in the Lady Chapel, in memory of Admiral Robert Theobald. In our reading from Isaiah this week, we hear the prophet speak of a time when we will beat our swords into ploughshares.

At 10:30 am, the Advent greens will be blessed and we will light the first Advent candle. The choir will sing the introit, "I look from afar," and the anthem "Verbum caro factum est, " by Louis Halsey.

At 12:00 pm, we will have docent training for those who wish to be a part of the Christmas in Salem House Tour at Grace Church. You will receive your materials at this meeting so you can read it over before the following weekend.

At 4:00 pm, we begin our Advent observance with a service of light. Prayer, healing and communion are offered during this quiet and meditative service. Christine Reichert will give the reflection, and the music and hymns will come mostly from the Celtic tradition. All are welcome to come.

At 5:00 pm, we will repeat the noon training for docents.

Please join us wherever you are
in your search for meaning. 

Everyone is welcome at any and all services at Grace Episcopal Church
Leaders for Worship

Lord's Prayer
*Note to leaders:
The new schedule is found on the website here 

Thanksgiving Eve
7:00 pm

The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Presider 
Kourtni Patten, Preacher
Larry Kamp, Organist
Joanne Moar,  Verger
Tom Gaither, Lector
Barbara Layne, Deb Papps, Chalicers
Tom Gaither, Usher
Laura Beasley-Topliffe, Beth Brown, Altar Guild

The First Sunday of Advent
10:30 am

The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Presider and Preacher 
Larry Kamp, Organist
Joanne Moar, Hugh MacKay, Vergers
Gavin Watson-Bertrand, Acolyte
Steve Allen, Lector
Barbara Layne, Jane Thompson, Chalicers
Peggy Carter, Angela Williams, Ushers
Cindy Rhodes, Altar Guild

The First Sunday of Advent
4:00 pm

The Reverend Debbie Phillips, Presider
Ryan Patten, Debbie Phillips, Eric Wagner, Musicians
Eric Wagner, Opening
Christine Reichert, Reflection
Kathleen Tone, Prayers 
Kathleen Tone, Chalice
Jane Stewart, Greeter

I was overwhelmed by the birthday wishes I received on Sunday. Thank you all for taking the time to send Eric your lovely messages for the birthday book, and the singing of Happy Birthday was amazing (you even all stood up like good Episcopalians to sing it!) I love you all! - Debbie
Thanksgiving Service

Tomorrow Night!!

Pre-Advent Retreat this Saturday
November 30
Advent is the beginning of the Church year and is a season that lasts until Christmas. During this time, we hear the stories that lead up to Jesus' birth and prepare our hearts to be transformed by Christmas.
This retreat, which takes place from 9-12 noon in the church, begins with an overview of the Church Year and some of the symbols used during those times. We will also consider some basic understandings about what it means to be Episcopalian. We will then decorate our wreaths with these symbols and conclude by 12:00 pm with a simple service of prayer.
Please come to this morning of prayer in thought, word and deed. It will bring so much meaning to the season and its promises. God invites you to take time to tend to your souls.
Sundays in Advent
December 1 (Advent I):          
10:30 am       The Blessing of the Greens
                        Birthday Prayer for December
                        Choral Holy Eucharist and Church School
  4:00 pm         Celtic Evensong with Communion and                                  Healing:  Light in the Darkness
December 8 (Advent II):
9:00 am        Young and the Restless Christmas with a                              visit  from St. Nicholas
10:30 am       A Visit from St. Nicholas
                        Choral Holy Eucharist and Church School
4:00 pm        Celtic Evensong with Communion and                                  Healing:  Peace and Justice
December 15 (Advent III)
10:30 am       Choral Holy Eucharist with Magnificat
                        Church School
4:00 pm        Celtic Evensong with Communion and                                  Healing:  The Annunciation
December 22 (Advent IV)
10:30 am       Choral Holy Eucharist: Joseph's Dream
                        Church School
4:00 pm        Celtic Evensong with Communion and                                  Healing:  The Longest Night/Blue                                            Christmas
Christmas in Salem at Grace Church!!!
Christmas in Salem is coming to Grace Church December 6-8! We will be on the Historic Salem, Inc. annual house tour. Here are some ways you can engage in the house tour and lunch at Grace Church:
Be a docent! Come for a two hour shift during the tour and answer questions about out building, our decorations and what it means to be "Episcopalian." There will be trainings December 1st at 12:00 pm and at 5:00 pm (you only need come to one). Materials will also be handed out at that time to assist you with this.
Donate money! We are accepting monies to pay for the food we will be selling during the tour on Saturday and Sunday.
Bake! We will be selling brownies and bars for dessert as part of our lunch.
Work the lunch! Come Saturday December 7th from 9:00-11:00 and help make sandwiches and setup for the "take-away" lunch. You can also come between 11:00 to 4:00 to sell items, or come at 4:00 to help put things away. Stay after Church on Sunday the 8th to help sell items and then we'll finish cleaning up at 3:00 pm.
We need everyone to participate. Please let any of the following know how you will help out on this full weekend: Caroline Watson-Felt, Joanne Moar, Peggy Carter, Melissa Barnes, Debbie Phillips.

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