Tel Aviv --  November 18,  2015:   NewCO2Fuels  (NCF) will present its innovative CO2-transforming technology as one of the select Israel-based innovators to be featured at The Bridge -- The First Israel-Australia Investment Summit in Sydney, Australia on November 24. 
NewCO2Fuels CEO David Banitt
Representatives from NewCO2Fuels will explain the significance of the company's CO2-reducing technology in relation to the environmental-based innovations and technologies at  The Bridge, which aims to connect entrepreneurs, innovators, and investors from Israel and Australia.

NewCO2Fuels, along with other leading Israeli innovators, will address the audience in order to share the latest in Israeli technology and to facilitate deal-making between investors and NewCO2Fuels.

NewCO2Fuels has received so far funding by Australia-based entrepreneurs and investors since launching in 2011:

Erdi Group, founded by the late Dr. Les Erdi, an ardent supporter of the development of this green technology originating from Israel, which provided the initial funds to launch NewCO2Fuels; and  Greenearth Energy Limited , an Australia-based  renewable energy company with interests in technology-focused solutions in the industrial energy efficiency and CO2-to-fuel conversion markets.

Located adjacent to the prestigious Weizmann Institute of Science outside of Tel Aviv, NCF stands out amongst clean tech companies by having created a self-sufficient system that requires no additional feedstock or energy source other than the waste streams namely CO2 and excess heat of major fuel and energy-based industries. NCF'S  heat-powered and CO2-reducing plant allows companies to transform their harmful, Earth-threatening waste into a clean, sustainable "syngas" that can be converted into commodities such as chemicals, fertilizers and fuels.

These clean products can be sold at present market prices while being profitable to their producers with no need of governmental incentives or subsidies. 
NewCO2Fuels' CO2-reducing reactor

"We are honored and delighted to present our Earth-saving technologies at this distinguished conference in Sydney," said David Banitt, CEO and Founder, NCF, "in aim to entice investors with the financial profitability that lies within our technology."

NCF has made outstanding progress in developing its product using over $10M of funds from private investors and donors, and is currently in the midst of raising its second round of finances to develop the product into a world-wide, clean energy-creating industrial solution. 

Among NCF's growing international validation and recognition is the receiving of several awards and grants, including: The 2014 World Technology Network (WTN) award for Energy (corporate category), joining a prestigious list of past WTN award dinners including 3M, Amazon, Google and Facebook and others; naming by the Australian Government as a future fuel in its Alternative Liquid Fuel Technology Assessment report; The BIRD Foundation supporting a joint development of NCF and Acumentrics from the US; and the awarding of several grants from the Israeli Government to assist in the development of its innovative product. 
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