MARCH 2020

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Clinical Corner

Coronavirus: Clear up misperceptions 
and protect patients, yourselves

March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month 

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

March is National Kidney Month 

March 8-14 is National (MS) Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

Recipe -  Ground Turkey Enchilada Stir-Fry with Couscous

March Fun Family Activities

Clinical Corner 

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Trends in Nursing 2020

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Amy Zirkle
Amy Zirkle, RN
Clinical Educator
Newborn Nurses
Phone: 856-669-0211 Ext 200329
2 Pin Oak Lane Suite 250
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Make a difference in a family's life - You can help!!!!

Open Cases

Browns Mills, Burlington County - School Case
"We have the PERFECT opportunity for you to pick up day shifts, evening shifts and school shifts !! This family is so sweet and you will absolutely fall in love with this precious girl! She LOVES going to school and you would get to experience that joy with her. The family is very appreciative for all their nurses do... You will be welcomed in with open arms!!"
Age 7 year Old Female - G Tube, Feeding Pump, Suction, O2, Nebulizer, Wheelchair
Available Hours:
Every other Monday: 7a-4p **school**
Every other Wednesday: 7a-4p **school**
Every other Tuesday: 4p-11p
Friday's: 4p-11p
Saturday's: 7a-3p
Saturday's: 3p-11p
Contact Samantha at 856-669-0211 ext. 200282

Gloucester City, Camden County
S.F. is a little cutie! The family is sweet and compassionate and you will enjoy every minute of working with them! Beautiful and organized house... Great case all around! Reach out TODAY to get an orientation scheduled!"                           
4 Year Old Male - G-Tube, PD Catheter
Available Hours:
Sunday's: 9p-9a   
E/O Monday's: 9p-9a    
Contact Samantha at 856-669-0211 ext. 200282

Penns Grove, Salem County
A little cutie looking for night angels to help him sleep comfortably through the night. This family is really appreciative for all your help! Please reach out TODAY to sign up for an orientation and to meet the family!
7 Year Old Male-G-Tube, Cough Assist, Pulse Ox, O2, Suction
Available Hours:
 Monday's: 8p-6a
Tuesday's 8p-6a
Wednesday's: 8p-6a
Contact Samantha at 856-669-0211 ext. 200282

Flemington, Hunterdon County Cases:
17 year old Male: G-tube, specs, hoyer, bath chair, Suction, CPAP, POX
Available Hours: School Hours!
Monday through Friday 7a-3p
Contact Alexa at 609-436-6420 ext 106

Trenton, Mercer County
6 Year old Female -  Gtube, infinity enteral pump, suction machine, pulse ox, extension sets, feeding bags, pulse ox
Come care for this school age female! Currently on g-tube feeds this girl is progressing to PO feeds! She is very bright and likely to keep you up on your toes. She enjoys interaction with her nurses-including dress-up! Looking for a vivacious RN who will assist with maintaining the care for this adorable little girl! School shifts available! School is walking distance from the home! Orientation will be provided by nursing supervisors.
Available Hours:
Mondays 8a-4p
Tuesdays 8a-4p
School fill in Monday to Friday 8a-4p
Contact Alexa at  609-436-6420 ext 106

Flemington, Hunterdon County Cases:
10 year old Female: Seizure Precautions
Available Hours:
Monday: 4p-9p
Thursday: 4p-9p
Sunday: 10a-6p
Contact Alexa at 609-436-6420 ext 106

Freehold, Monmouth County Cases:
2 year old Female: G-tube, Nebulizer, enteral pump, suction
Available Hours:
Fridays: 8a-8p
Sunday: 8a-8p
Contact Alexa at 609-436-6420 ext 106

Morris Plains, Morris County Cases:
64 year old Male: PEG Tube, uristomy, colostomy
Available Hours:
Monday: 9a-3p
Tuesday: 9a-3p
Friday: 9a-3p
Saturday: 9a-3p
Sunday: 9a-3p
Contact Alexa at 609-436-6420 ext 106

Phillipsburg, Warren County Cases:
Infant male: 24 wk premature, BPD GERD, G-Tube Feeds
Available Hours: Day shift Mon-Sun 10AM - 6PM
Infant female: Trach, G-tube; 
Available Hours:11p-7a Mon-Sun and and 7a-3p On weekends
Infant female: NG Tube; 
Available Hours:Overnights
Toddler male: Trach, Vent, G-tube
Available Hours:overnights
Contact Alexa at 609-436-6420 ext 106

Browns Mills, Burlington County
Teenage Female - *GJ Tube, Pulse Ox, O2, BiPap, Suction, Nebulizer, Cough Assist, Wheel Chair, Hoyer
Work with a team of nurses that are supportive in helping you learn the care and routine. 1 dog.
Available Hours: 
Monday's: 5p-5a
Tuesday's: 5p-5a
Wednesday's: 5p-5a
Thursday's: 5p-5a
Friday's: 5p-5a
Saturday's: 5p-5a
Sunday's: 5p-6a

Browns Mills, Burlington County
Teenage Female -  *GJ Tube, Pulse Ox, O2, BiPap, Suction, Nebulizer, Cough Assist, Wheel Chair, Hoyer
Work with a team of nurses that are supportive in helping you learn the care and routine. 1 dog.
Available Hours 
Monday's: 5p-5a
Tuesday's: 5p-5a
Wednesday's: 5p-5a
Thursday's: 5p-5a
Friday's: 5p-5a
Saturday's: 5p-5a
Sunday's: 5p-6a
Contact Morgan 856- 669-0211 Ext. 200318

Sicklerville, Camden County
School Age Female -  *Trach & Vent (Trilogy), GJ Tube, Suction, O2, Pulse Ox, Nebulizer, Lift, Wheel Chair
Hours Available
Monday's: 9p-7a
Tuesday's: 9p-7a
Thursday's: 9p-7a
Saturday's: 3p-11p
Saturday's: 11p-7a
Sunday's: 7a-5p

First time home with a Trach & Vent - be the nurse to make a difference in their new transition. No pets. Patient has own care room on 1st floor, well organized. Ask about our scheduled Trach & Vent classes!
Contact Morgan 856- 669-0211 Ext. 200318

Medford, Burlington County:
Adult Male with GJ Tube, Nebulizer, Suction, Pulse Ox, O2, Ambu Bag, Cough Assist, Wheel Chair, Ceiling Track Lift . Newly re-modeled home with top of the line equipment. Only son to caring parents looking for a reliable nurse to join their team of compassionate nurses.
Hours Available:
Wednesday's: 430p-830p
Thursday's: 430p-830p
Friday's: 3p-9p
Contact Morgan 856- 669-0211 Ext. 200318
Nurses Needed in: Washington, Holmdel, Morris Plains, Flemington, Howell, and Trenton.

Coronavirus: Clear up misperceptions 
and protect patients, yourselves

Infection control experts admit that there's miscommunication about how nurses can protect themselves and others from transmission of the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

S o we asked two such experts to set the record straight.

Nancymarie Phillips, PhD, RN, is professor emeritus of Lakeland Community College in Kirtland, Ohio, and the author of "Berry and Kohn's Operating Room Technique," which is in its 14th edition, and's continuing education course " Keep It Clean: Hand Hygiene and Skin Antisepsis."

Luci Perri, MSN, MPH, CIC, FAPIC, owns the consulting company Infection Control Results and authored the CE course " Emerging Infectious Diseases."

About the coronavirus
The CDC has identified seven types of coronavirus that affect humans. "Most of them have had some type of animal origin," Phillips said.

  • MERS-CoV, the beta coronavirus that causes Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), came from camels. 
  • SARS-CoV, the beta coronavirus that causes severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), came from a type of cat. 
  • The 2019-nCoV, a virus that originated in Wuhan, China, has been traced to animals such as bats, according to Phillips.
"Coronavirus, as a broad category, is responsible for things like the common cold, laryngitis and pneumonia," she said.
Viruses are obligate parasites. They can't replicate by themselves, according to Phillips. "The coronavirus, by itself, is an RNA-based virus, and it has to have a host to finish its complement of DNA," she said. "That's how it can replicate."

Handwashing is No. 1, but that's not all
Handwashing with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is the most important form of protection against the coronavirus. The soap doesn't even have to be antibacterial, according to Phillips.

  • "Viruses are not bacteria," she said. "They're different critters. All of these things are physical entities. And removing them has to be mechanical and chemical."
Handwashing mechanically rinses off the virus.
"The soap decreases the surface tension of the skin, and the physical entity of the contamination is removed," Phillips explained. "Once you have removed (these viruses) from the place they want to be, you've changed their living conditions by exposing them to the soap. They don't like soap. It ruins their cell membrane and kills them."

Coughing or sneezing into your elbow?
Many people think they are less likely to spread coronavirus and other respiratory illnesses by coughing or sneezing into their elbows. Not true, according to Phillips.

"When somebody coughs or sneezes, it should be into a tissue," she said. "I take exception with people who have been sneezing into their elbows. You're impregnating [the virus] into your clothing. What's the first thing we do when we pick up our kids? We cradle them in our arms. How often do you wash your coat or sweater?"

Even the right gloves are not 100% safe

March is Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month 

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month  is observed in March and sponsored by the National Hemophilia Foundation. A bleeding disorder is present when the blood does not clot properly. Blood clotting is a complex process that involves as many as twenty different plasma proteins. All clotting proteins and platelets need to work effectively and in the correct order to form a proper clot that is strong enough to stop bleeding. A bleeding disorder occurs when the body is unable to activate the entire "clotting cascade" correctly.

Bleeding Disorder Awareness Month  and the National Hemophilia Foundation educate and advocate on behalf of those who struggle with a bleeding disorder. If any of the steps in the clotting cascade do not work properly or are deficient, the person bleeds longer and, therefore, has a bleeding disorder. The type and severity of the disorder is determined based on the protein that is missing from the blood and how much of it is missing.

Bleeding Disorders Awareness Month Sponsor: National Hemophilia Foundation

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

The month of March brings women, families and medical communities together for Endometriosis Awareness Month.  During this time, millions of people all over the world honor this month to recognize the 176 million women who suffer from this disease.
Endometriosis (en-doe-me-tree-O-sis) is an often painful disorder in which tissue similar to the tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus - the endometrium - grows outside your uterus. Endometriosis most commonly involves your ovaries, fallopian tubes and the tissue lining your pelvis. 

Rarely,  endometrial tissue may spread beyond pelvic organs.
With endometriosis, the endometrial-like tissue acts as endometrial tissue would - it thickens, breaks down and bleeds with each menstrual cycle. But because this tissue has no way to exit your body, it becomes trapped. When endometriosis involves the ovaries, cysts called endometriomas may form. Surrounding tissue can become irritated, eventually developing scar tissue and adhesions - abnormal bands of fibrous tissue that can cause pelvic tissues and organs to stick to each other.

Endometriosis can cause pain - sometimes severe - especially during menstrual periods. Fertility problems also may develop. Fortunately, effective treatments are available.

The primary symptom of endometriosis is pelvic pain, often associated with menstrual periods. Although many experience cramping during their menstrual periods, those with endometriosis typically describe menstrual pain that's far worse than usual. Pain also may increase over time.
Common signs and symptoms of endometriosis include:
  • Painful periods (dysmenorrhea). Pelvic pain and cramping may begin before and extend several days into a menstrual period. You may also have lower back and abdominal pain.
  • Pain with intercourse. Pain during or after sex is common with endometriosis.
  • Pain with bowel movements or urination. You're most likely to experience these symptoms during a menstrual period.
  • Excessive bleeding. You may experience occasional heavy menstrual periods or bleeding between periods (intermenstrual bleeding).
  • Infertility. Sometimes, endometriosis is first diagnosed in those seeking treatment for infertility.
  • Other signs and symptoms. You may experience fatigue, diarrhea, constipation, bloating or nausea, especially during menstrual periods.
The severity of your pain isn't necessarily a reliable indicator of the extent of the condition. You could have mild endometriosis with severe pain, or you could have advanced endometriosis with little or no pain.
Endometriosis is sometimes mistaken for other conditions that can cause pelvic pain, such as pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) or ovarian cysts. It may be confused with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), a condition that causes bouts of diarrhea, constipation and abdominal cramping. IBS can accompany endometriosis, which can complicate the diagnosis.

When to see a doctor
See your doctor if you have signs and symptoms that may indicate endometriosis.
Endometriosis can be a challenging condition to manage. An early diagnosis, a multidisciplinary medical team and an understanding of your diagnosis may result in better management of your symptoms.

March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

In February 2000, President Clinton officially dedicated March as National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. Since then, it has grown to be a rallying point for the colon cancer community where thousands of patients, survivors, caregivers and advocates throughout the country join together to spread colorectal cancer awareness by wearing blue, holding fundraising and education events, talking to friends and family about screening and so much more.

Colorectal Cancer Facts and Figures
Learning about any disease that takes many lives is difficult, but the fact is that early detection through prevention and screening is proven to dramatically reduce fatalities from colorectal cancer. While 135,000 Americans will be diagnosed this year, that is a number we are committed to reducing, with the help of all our allies.

Colorectal cancer occurs in the colon or rectum. The term colorectal cancer is used to describe colon cancer, rectum cancer or both. As the graphic below shows, the colon is part of the large intestine or large bowel. The rectum is the passageway that connects the colon to the anus.

Colorectal cancer (cancer of the colon or rectum), when discovered early, is highly treatable. Even if it spreads into nearby lymph nodes, surgical treatment followed by chemotherapy is highly effective. In the most difficult cases - when the cancer has spread to the liver, lungs or other sites - treatment can help make surgery an option for many, as well as prolonging and adding to one's quality of life. Research is constantly being done to learn more and provide hope for people no matter what stage their cancer is in.

Most colorectal cancers develop first as polyps, which are abnormal growths inside the colon or rectum that may later become cancerous if not removed. 

Colorectal cancer is the third most common cancer in the US, and the second leading cause of cancer death. It affects men and women of all racial and ethnic groups, and is most often found in people 50 years or older. However incidence in those younger than 50 is on the rise. This disease takes the lives of more than 50,000 people every year; we're here to educate people on how to prevent this disease and lower that statistic.

Share the information you learn. Together we can end colorectal cancer within our lifetime.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Awareness Week: March 8-14, 2020 

Multiple sclerosis, or MS, is a disease of the central nervous system that can cause symptoms throughout the body. It's believed to be an autoimmune condition, in which the immune system mistakenly attacks normal tissues - in  MS , the immune system attacks the myelin sheath that normally protects nerve fibers in the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve. As the myelin sheath is gradually destroyed, the resulting scar tissue (sclerosis) disrupts the electrical impulses between the brain and other parts of the body.

But it's not clear what causes the onset of this immune reaction, and most people diagnosed with MS have no known risk factors.

Most major health organizations have long estimated the prevalence of MS in the United States to be about 400,000 people, but  research published in March 2019 in the journal Neurology  puts the number of Americans living with MS at 1 million.

To help people with the disease, as well as those who have a loved one with MS, a number of societies and advocacy groups have named March Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month. It's also a time to bring attention to the current state of research on MS, including new ways to  diagnose and  treat the condition.

Throughout March, you may see orange ribbons adorned with a butterfly symbol. Orange is the official color for MS awareness, and the butterfly represents the shape commonly seen on a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan of a brain of a person with MS.

Age:  Most people are diagnosed between the ages of 20 and 50, although MS can occur in young children and older adults.

Geography: In general, MS is more common in areas farthest from the equator. However, prevalence rates may differ significantly among groups living in the same geographic area regardless of distance from the equator.
Gender: The recent prevalence study shows MS is three times more common in women than in men, suggesting that hormones may also play a significant role in determining susceptibility to MS.
Ethnic Background: Research has demonstrated that MS occurs in most ethnic groups, including African Americans, Asians and Hispanics/Latinos, but is most common amongst Caucasians of northern European ancestry. Susceptibility rates vary among these groups, with recent findings suggesting that African American women have a higher than previously reported risk of developing MS.

Epidemiological estimates
Although more people are being diagnosed with MS today than in the past, the reasons for this are not clear. Likely contributors include greater awareness of the disease, better access to medical care and improved diagnostic capabilities. There is no definitive evidence that the rate of MS is generally on the increase.

Ground Turkey Enchilada Stir-Fry with Couscous
An enchilada, by definition, is a corn tortilla filled with various ingredients and drenched in cheese and sauce. This recipe doesn't involve any rolling of tortillas, nor does it require copious amounts of cheese. However, every bite will remind you of the flavors of this popular comfort food. ...

* 1/2 cup whole wheat couscous
* 1 pound lean ground turkey
* Salt and freshly ground black pepper
* 1 teaspoon olive oil
* 2 cups butternut squash, peeled, seeded and diced
* 1 cup broccoli florets
* One 15-ounce can no-sodium-added black beans
* One 10-ounce can enchilada sauce
* 1/2 cup salsa
* Suggested toppings: chopped fresh cilantro, diced avocado, shredded cheese, lime juice

1.Pour 1/2 cup of water into a small saucepan and bring to a boil over high heat. Pour the couscous into the saucepan and stir well. Turn off the heat, cover and let stand 5 minutes. Fluff with a fork and set aside. 

2. Meanwhile, in a large skillet or wok, cook the ground turkey over medium heat, breaking it up with a wooden spoon, until cooked through and browned, about 5 minutes. Sprinkle with some salt and pepper. Transfer to a bowl and set aside. Drain the excess fat and wipe the pan clean. Heat the oil in the same pan over high heat, then add the squash and cook, stirring occasionally, until browned and softened, 8 to 10 minutes. Add the broccoli and cook, 3 to 5 minutes more. Add the turkey, beans, enchilada sauce and salsa and stir until all the ingredients are well combined. 

3.Serve with the couscous and top with suggested toppings as desired.

Recipe courtesy of Min Kwon, M.S., R.D.

March 2020 Fun Family Activities

March 1, 2020
1:30-3pm * Katz JCC STEM Lab
For Families with children Ages 5-10
Cost Per Family (up to 4 people): $50 JCC Members * $60 Guests
Come have a blast with your family and solve the clues to complete a scavenger hunt around the J. There will be a prize for the winning family! Space is limited.
Questions? Contact Michelle at 856-424-4444 x1243/
Get ready to seize your scientific curiosity, tackle technology, electrify your engineering skills, and master mathematics in the JCC's STEM Lab!

March 1, 2020
St Patrick's Day Parade in Gloucester City
Event Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Martin's Lake
Address: Baynes Ave and Johnson Blvd, Gloucester City, 08030
Event Description:
St Patrick's Day Parade in Gloucester City. Lots of fun - string bands, bagpipes, Irish dancers, Irish music bands, community groups and more. Begins at Martin's Lake (Baynes Ave and Johnson Blvd). Parades down Monmouth Street.

March 4, 2020
Little Sprouts: All About Leaves
Rancocas Nature Center
1:30 - 2:30pm
Have fun raking and shredding leaves for mulch and use in our compost bin. This program for preschoolers and an accompanying adult focuses on gardens and plants, worms, mud, seeds, and work in the garden seasonally. Each weekly session will focus on a different aspect of gardening. Please dress accordingly. There is no charge for this program, but participants need to be Rancocas Nature Center members. Please call 609 261-2495 to register, or REGISTER ONLINE.

Friday, March 6, 2020
Nature in Art for Preschoolers: Spring Peepers
Rancocas Nature Center
10:30 - 11:30am
Create a "pond" with all stages of a frog's lifecycle, then venture outside to hunt for spring peepers and listen for their calls. Each session will include an introduction to a nature theme and an art project. This program is designed for children ages 3-5, accompanied by a parent or guardian. There is no charge for this program, but participants need to be Rancocas Nature Center members. Please call 609 261-2495 to register, or REGISTER ONLINE.

March 6
Shark in the Dark
Sleepover at Adventure Aquarium - Camden, NJ
Time: 6:00pm - 9:00am
Ages: 6 - 12, with accompanying adult chaperones
  • Friday nights: $70 per person
  • Saturday nights: $75 per person
Join the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium for an awesome overnight experience, Shark in the Dark! Experience the Aquarium's amazing shark collection, as well as sea turtles, stingrays and a multitude of different fish. After your adventure, you'll spend the night sleeping up close with one of these amazing aquatic animals. The next morning, you'll get a chance to visit with our African penguins and hippos. It's a shark-tastic experience you'll never forget!
There are more perks included -  click here for more info.

March 7, 2020
Mount Holly St Patrick's Day Parade
Location: Downtown Historic Mount Holly
Address: Main St, Mount Holly, 08060
Event Time: 11:30 am - 2:30 pm
Enjoy the Mount Holly St Patrick's Day Parade through the historic town. Music by Pipes & Drums of Barnegat Bay.

March 7, 2020
Home Depot Kids Workshop - Cherry Hill
9:00 am - 12:00 pm
2160 Route 70 West Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
COST:Free Pre-registration is recommended
CONTACT: (856)317-2001
Visit the Cherry Hill, NJ Home Depot the first Saturday of every month, from 9am-12pm, for their FREE Kids Workshop! Kids will develop hands-on skills by sanding, nailing, painting and more. All Kids Workshop attendees must be accompanied by a parent or adult at all times. All kids get to keep their craft, receive a FREE certificate of achievement, a Workshop Apron and a commemorative pin while supplies last.

March 13, 2020
A Toy's Tale - Live Children's Theatre
Location: Broadway Theatre of Pitman
Address: 43 South Broadway, Pitman, 08071
Price: Tickets: $9.00
Event Time: All Day
Event Description:
Andrew owns many toys, but his favorite is Sheriff Woodrow Trailblazer! He is the leader of all the toys. When Andrew's family decides to move, the toys are terrified of being left behind or worse...thrown away. Just when everything seems fine, a new toy, Buck Lightspeed, arrives at Andrew's and the competition is on! Who will be the favorite toy? Who will be the hero when the crew faces tough times? Find out in this musical adventure! Recommended for children ages 2 to 9.
March 22, 2020
South Jersey Toy & Vintage Collectibles Show
9am - 4pm
Wyndham Philadelphia - Mount Laurel
1111 New Jersey 73
Mount Laurel, NJ
Admission: $3 (children 12 & under FREE)
This event features over 75 tables of toys and Vintage collectibles. Vintage toys, action figures, diecast cars, slot cars, comics, records, rock memorabilia, posters, paper, monsters, and wrestling.
March 28, 2020
Barnes & Noble Story Time Storytime and Activities Featuring Macca the Alpaca
Teach the value of kindness with Macca the Alpaca and entertaining activities in this special Storytime at your B&N! Join us for activities after.
Barnes & Noble, Cherry Hill
911 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill
NJ 08002
March 29, 2020
Barnes & Noble Get a Clue! Event
Special Event, Children's Event (Children's, Games, Mystery)
Saturday February 29, 2020 2:00 PM Introducing the InvestiGators, a new graphic novel series about super spies who uncover clues and crack cases---perfect for fans of Dog Man and Diary of a Wimpy Kid! Join us for activities, a mystery game, and giveaways.
911 Haddonfield Road Cherry Hill
NJ 08002

Open 10AM to 4 pm Monday - Friday
10am to 6pm Saturday & Sunday 
Enjoy acres of family fun! Paws Discovery Farm promotes a special relationship between people, their local history, and their environment, with an emphasis on reaching out to children. Learning is designed to be fun at PAWS DISCOVERY FARM!
We offer classes and story hours, animal programs and birthday parties, as well as special events throughout the year. All visitors enjoy and learn from many interactive exhibits and over 80 birds and animals housed here.
Paint a Treasure
615 Station Ave.
Haddon Heights, NJ 08035
For ages 5 and up. Come in and get creative anytime during our normal walk in studio hours.  You choose how to play - Pottery Painting or Canvas Painting!  Reservations are suggested for groups of 4 or more.  
Wednesday:  10am - 5pm 
Thursday - 10am - 9pm
Friday:  10am - 9pm
Saturday:  10am - 9pm
Sunday: 12 - 5pm
 (Closed Mon. & Tues. for Private Event Bookings)
We Rock the Spectrum
3111 NJ-38, Mt Laurel Township, NJ 08054, USA
We Rock the Spectrum Mount Laurel is committed to providing a safe, nurturing, and fun environment to foster learning, exploration and safe sensory experiences. Through our nonprofit My Brother Rocks The Spectrum Foundation, we provide social skills groups and activities for children across the spectrum.
We Rock the Spectrum Mount Laurel provides children with a fun and motivational environment to help them in the areas of strength, movement, sensory processing, communication, positive behavior modification, social interactions, and self-care skills. Our unique equipment assists all children in their neurological growth and development.
Miller Farms -Horseback Trail Rides & Lessons in Camden County!
Come enjoy the beautiful scenery at the only horseback/trail riding available in Camden County. Trail riding is offered Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 4pm year round (Weather permitting). Children must be at least 7 years old to trail ride. Cost is $30/person for approximately an hour-long trail ride. Hand-led rides are also available for those younger than 7 and cost $5.
Reservations are strongly suggested.
We offer a great place for family fun, birthday parties, girl scouts and youth groups. Summer horse camp, riding lessons, and horse drawn wagon rides are also available.
1 Hour Trail Rides are $30 Per Person | Call for reservations | Trail Rides Sat and Sun Only | Open Year round
Miller Farms
134 N. Grove Street, Berlin, NJ 08009
ISC - ISC (International Sport, Skating & Fun Centre) Cherry Hill
650 Kresson Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08034
Classes: Sports
Camps: All, Sports
HOURS: Our offices are open 9 AM - 5 PM daily. Give us a buzz for more information!
CALL: 856-428-8588  
MORE DETAILS: ISC (International Sport, Skating & Fun Centre) Cherry Hill is any family's destination for fun!
Located off of Kresson Road (behind the 7Eleven) in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, we offer skating, a FunZone & Inflatable (10 & Under), and an arcade. Our facility also includes a cafè with pizza, hot dogs, popcorn, nachos, drinks and more!
ISC Cherry Hill offers activities for all ages, no matter the season.
Our youth & adult sports leagues run year round and include:
  • Soccer
  • Lacrosse
  • Field Hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Roller Hockey
Jellybean Jungle
Crispin Square Shopping Center  
230 North Maple Ave
Marlton, NJ 08053
Open Play Hours:
Monday - Wednesday 9:30 - 5:00  
Thursday 9:30 - 6:00  
Friday  9:30 - 8:00  
 Saturday  9:30 - 2:30  
Sunday - Closed for Private Parties  
Jellybean Jungle is a play and learn adventure that is exclusively for  children 5 and under. Our facility is a bright and stimulating environment  created just for your little ones.
Jellybean Jungle was designed by a New Jersey Early Childhood certified  teacher. Safe, age appropriate equipment has been selected for your  children's enjoyment. We offer a large variety of imaginative and  developmentally appropriate activities that will lead your child on an adventure  of social exploration! As your child plays, you will gain insight into their  development, as well as enjoy a great time of bonding.

Adventure Aquarium 
Mon. - Sun.: 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
CALL:  (856) 365-3300  
1 Riverside Drive Camden, NJ 08103 PH: 844-474-FISH (3474)
Adventure Aquarium is just minutes from downtown Philadelphia on the  Camden Waterfront and features one-of-a-kind exhibits with more than 8,500 aquatic species throughout two million gallons of water. The Aquarium is home to the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast, including the only great hammerhead shark on exhibit in the United States, the only 
aquarium in the world to exhibit hippos, one of only six facilities in the US to have Little Blue penguins as permanent residents and exhibits the longest Shark Bridge in the world, a unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge just inches over Shark Realm. Adventure Aquarium is an accredited member of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA), and is held to the absolute highest standards in animal care and exhibition.

Sensory Friendly Movies at AMC
AMC is proud to partner with the Autism Society to offer unique movie  showings where we turn the lights up, and turn the sound down, so you can get up, dance, walk, shout or sing! Our Sensory Friendly Film program is available on the second and fourth Saturday (family-friendly) and Tuesday evenings (mature audiences) of every month. Please check your local theater listings for specific show times, and don't forget to share your family fun with #AMCSensoryFriendly.

Battleship New Jersey 
62 Battleship Pl, Camden, NJ 08103-3302
Located on the Camden Waterfront, NJ, across the Delaware River  from Center City Philadelphia the Battleship New Jersey Museum and  Memorial offers guided and self-guided tours. Climb inside the 16" gun  turrets, learn explore the captain's cabins and crew's quarters and  discover what life was like for a Battleship sailor. Group packages and  educational programs are available for school. You can rent space  aboard the Battleship for meetings and social events. Families and  youth groups can spend the night aboard the Battleship as part of the  overnight program. 

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