The Talk on Tenth

Newest Blazers Get First Taste of Marquette
Teachers, Staff Welcome Class of 2024, Transfer Students to Campus Friday 
A most refreshing sight adorned the hallways at Marquette Catholic High School Friday: students.

For the first time since March, Blazers logged onto their iPads inside the Scholl Center Finance Lab, ordered a hot dog from the Snack Shack, and conversed with teachers.

A year ago, these would be unremarkable events. Nevertheless, the Great Pause has imparted us with perspective.

Friday's Freshman/New Student Orientation represented a soft opening to the 2020-2021 academic year for Marquette and its newest students.

Freshmen and transfer students opened the day by being introduced to administrators and staff before embarking on a scavenger hunt/tour of campus. Students were then issued iPads and granted access to email, Renweb, and other school applications. 

Following lunch, Marquette conducted a condensed school day. From noon until just before 3:00 pm, students spent 15 minutes in each of their nine class periods, meeting their new teachers and learning how to navigate the main building.

Orientation concluded with a transportation/final Q&A session led by Mr. Casey Martin in a socially-distanced Scholl Center Commons.

Marquette face coverings masked the many smiles around campus Friday, but the happiness was visible.

The training wheels come off Monday when all students report to campus.