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Edward H. Trappler
Michael S. Thomas
Senior Research Scientist
Lyophilization Technology, Inc. is awarded patent for lyophilization in product delivery units!
Ivyland, PA February 8th, 2022-With extensive investment in research and development, Lyophilization Technology, Inc. (LTI) successfully developed innovative technology for processing lyophilized products in dual-chamber cartridges and syringes. The unique and novel aspects of the innovation provide for processing a wide variety of products. These products span small molecules, biologics such as proteins, and vaccines. The inimitable mechanism allows for processing dual-chamber cartridges and syringes for autoinjector applications where aspiration of air prior to injection is not possible.

The innovation is acknowledged through a patent awarded to Michael S. Thomas, Senior Research Scientist, and Edward H. Trappler, President of LTI, who collaborated on developing the technology. Capabilities of the apparatus and processing techniques were proven by the successful vaccine development and preparation in clinical supply manufacturing; and the development of a monoclonal immunomodulator product, a polypeptide hormone, as well as small molecules. The Patent and Trademark Office delivered the certificate on December 29th, 2021.

The development of this technology was rooted in the vision that providing a lyophilized product in a vial would no longer be adequate or advantageous for all products. As products with the potential for home health care to be self-administered, removing the need to go to a clinical setting for treatment of chronic conditions needs an alternative product presentation. Providing a lyophilized product in a dual-chamber prefilled cartridge or syringe eliminates the multitude of steps for reconstitution in preparation for administering to a patient. As a result, patient convenience, compliance, and safety are improved.

Reflecting on the motivation to pursue such development, Edward Trappler summarized, “An innovative approach was essential to meet the needs of the future and expanding improved methods for product delivery to a patient. Providing the healthcare provider and patient this alternative and capability for a wider range of products was recognized as the new horizon.” LTI realized these future needs, pursued developing better alternatives, and successfully brought such innovation to fruition. LTI is experiencing a growing industry interest in capitalizing on their new product developments that benefit from a ready-to-inject product presentation. Incorporating critically important products into a platform for self-administration and home health care opens new opportunities for courses of treatment.
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