2nd Quarter 2022
Meet Bernie

“Bernie” is 7 years old. He was surrendered to NCA Rescue in Ohio when his former owner’s landlord threatened eviction due to exceeding the two-dog limit in her apartment.

NCA member Trudy Stroupe is providing his foster care while Bernie is treated for skin infections. Surgery for an undescended testicle and neutering will be scheduled soon. 

Veterinary care to prepare Bernie for placement is estimated at $945.00.  Generous donors provide funding for Bernie’s care and many other Newfoundlands in our NCA Rescue program.

Trudy reports, “Bernie is a very good dog, well-mannered and gentle and he listens! “ 

The decision to surrender a Newf is unthinkable for many owners. In many cases, these are not decisions made on a whim. The NCA Trust’s reputation for outstanding care of Newfoundlands gives owners comfort and confidence in their heart-wrenching decision to surrender their beloved dog in need. The surrender days are incredibly difficult for the families saying goodbye, and for the rescuers taking in the dog.
Charitable Trust Research Update
Grant 02309-T: Targeting the Cancer Epigenome: The Effect of Specific Histone Lysine Methyltransferase Inhibition in Canine B-Cell Lymphoma
Angela McCleary-Wheeler, DVM, PhD, University of Missouri

Although it is often treatable, canine lymphoma can rarely be cured. A continued understanding of the mechanisms causing lymphoma in dogs and identification of novel therapies are needed to improve survival in dogs with lymphoma.

Grant 02829: Investigating the Potential of Phage Therapy to Tackle Staphylococcus pseudintermedius
Infections in Dogs
Gavin Paterson, PhD, R(D)SVS and Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Antimicrobial resistance in S. pseudintermedius is making infections more difficult to treat which is affecting dog welfare and might pose a threat to humans too. There is a need to explore alternative treatments to antibiotics with one approach being to use phage therapy.

The Welcome and Donor Receptions in recognition of the 25th Anniversary of the NCA Charitable Trust at the NCA 2022 National Specialty were wonderful events. Your attendance made these events special, seeing familiar faces and meeting new Newfie fanciers is always a wonderful experience.

The support for the ringside silent auctions for Newfoundland Rescue and the Health Challenge were amazing. 

On behalf of the NCA Charitable Trust, I would like to Thank each of you for your dedication to the mission of the Trust with your donation of time, support and monetary donations! Here is a video of our donor reception in case you were not able to join us in person. - Clyde Dunphy, DVM, Chairman, Charitable Trust Management Board
What We've Been Up To...
The Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust provides rescue services including veterinary care, foster care and rehoming of purebred Newfoundland dogs across the U.S. NCA Rescue works with NCA Regional Clubs’ rescue and NCA volunteers by providing rescue assistance and grants for Newfoundland care.

NCA Newfoundland Rescue Network operates as part of the NCA Charitable Trust, a 501c3 not for profit organization. The Newfoundland Club of America, also a non-profit organization, and trustee of the NCA Charitable Trust, is recognized by the American Kennel Club to do all in its power to protect and advance the interests of Newfoundland dogs. Newfoundlands become available for adoption from many sources including current owners, breeders, humane shelters, animal control agencies, veterinarians, etc. and are fostered by NCA volunteers across the country.

Generous donations from members, bequests, grants etc. support the expenses associated with this work.

The title "NCA National Rescue Network" has been used continually on the NCA Trust web pages, donation forms, NCA Rescue articles, etc. since NCA Rescue’s inception in 1983.

Our NCA Rescue network has received many comments and complaints regarding confusion with a new rescue group with a similar name. These complaints are from NCA members, NCA Rescue and NCA Regional Rescue workers, adoption applicants, foster care providers and NCA Rescue Fund donors as well as current Newf owners considering surrender options.

This new rescue organization named “National Newfoundland Rescue” is causing this confusion. Although implied on their website and social media pages, this organization is not affiliated with NCA National Rescue or any of our NCA Regional Club rescue networks. This organization also provides rescue services for Newfoundland mixed breed dogs and does fill a need in this area.

The NCA Charitable Trust is our Purebred Newfoundland Rescue network. It is managed by Mary L Price and her legion of Nationwide volunteers.
Have you submitted your Newfs info to the OFA Health Survey? Please do so today - we need your input!
Research Advisory Committee Opening
The Research Advisory Committee has two positions open on the committee. RAC is a committee under the NCA Charitable Trust. The RAC Chairman is Lori Littleford. Meetings are held by teleconference, email or Zoom™ as needed.

RAC works in close contact with, but is independent of, the NCA Trust’s Newfoundland Health Challenge Committee and the NCA’s Health and Longevity Committee. RAC comprises the NCA Charitable Trust’s scientific resource for Research grant proposals and is instrumental in providing review and feedback regarding potential and active research projects for support by the NCA Trust, as well as opening and maintaining lines of communications within the research community.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Review research proposals for relevance to Newfoundland health priorities
2. Advise and make recommendations to the CTMB regarding the merits of proposals considered for the receipt of funding from the NCA Trust
3. For research projects funded by the NCA Trust independent of large funding organizations, such as the Morris Animal Foundation and the Canine Health Foundation, evaluate progress reports submitted to the CTMB to ascertain whether research progresses satisfactorily
4. Assist researchers, when appropriate, in recruiting subjects (dogs) to participate in research supported by the NCA Trust by placing appeals in Newf Tide, NewfCare: Research and Rescue or other electronic media.

A scientific or research background would be helpful but not required. Should you be interested in joining this committee please submit your information and short resume. If require further information, Please contact: Lori Littleford RAC Committee Chair     
Evolving Crisis in Ukraine
The world watches the devastation of war unfold in Ukraine. The reports are heart-wrenching, describing injury, food shortages, and damage to homes and facilities in Ukraine. As hundreds of thousands of residents flee the country, the number of displaced animals also grows, along with the need for food, shelter, and emergency veterinary care. The animals and people of Ukraine certainly need help and many in the Newfoundland dog community are asking for guidance.

Some Newfoundland dog owners have suggested that the NCA Charitable Trust donate some of its funds to help dogs in need in Ukraine. The mission of NCA Charitable Trust is to help Newfoundland dogs in need, and, while many dogs are certainly in need in Ukraine, the Charitable Trust Management Board has not identified a safe method to help Newfoundland dogs in Ukraine.
Therefore, we believe the best way for you to help is to donate funds directly to the Ukrainian relief efforts of your choice. 

The NCA Charitable Trust Management Board is working to identify reputable organizations that are mobilizing to send emergency relief. Here is a list of organizations that currently we believe to be reputable and that accept donations to help the animals in Ukraine. More information will be provided as the Ukrainian crisis and relief effort evolves. 

Donations for Ukraine relief
AKC recommends - Equiwent
FCI Europe Section recommends - Solidarity With Ukraine
American Veterinary Medical Foundation has a designated fund - Donate Now
Planned Giving
The NCA Charitable Trust has many planned giving opportunities, please contact us to learn more - - Learn More