August, 2020
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Clyde Dunphy DVM, NCA CT Chairman

The NCA Rescue program depends on teamwork and many resources to provide the best care for Newfoundlands.  

A puppy producer surrendered Storm to NCA Rescue when she was no longer useful. 

Storm’s foster care provider quickly reported several concerns, “…. I am not sure if her vision is 100%. Storm fell right into the routine here and is now fearful and having trouble navigating and is refusing to step up one stair to the kitchen to eat, she is crying and very unsettled.”

NCA Rescue maintains ongoing relationships with several veterinarians. Three veterinarians reviewed options and developed a treatment plan to repair severe entropion including two eye surgeries. 

One veterinary ophthalmologist noted, “She’s also been diagnosed as being cross eyed and explained that she sees this condition in a lot of puppymill dogs who have never been outside of a small dark area. As the dogs try to adjust to their small darkened area to see, their eyes lose the ability to look further. It may get a bit better with time but overall Storm’s eyes most likely will never go straight again which is what is causing the third eyelids to not open completely.”

Storm’s eye surgeries totaled $ 5,431.94, funded by NCA Rescue.

Donors help to replenish the NCA Rescue Fund by their generous donations, applying for corporate matches, directing bequests and memorials, and other funding sources such as IRA distributions.
Osteosarcoma Initiative
Amy K. LeBlanc DVM, DACVIM & Timothy Fan DVM, PhD
From Karen Steinrock: "Our boy Tate (CH Old Bay's Lead Me to Temptation) was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his front leg this afternoon. We are devastated and still in shock, as he is only 7 yrs. old. The prognosis is quite poor. Will be lucky if he lives another month or so. It just breaks our hearts. For his remaining time, we shall just love him to death. Literally."

Osteosarcoma is the most common bone cancer in dogs and one of the deadliest and most painful. Even with treatment, the survival rate for most dogs diagnosed with this cancer is less than one year.
Canine B-cell Lymphoma
Angela McCleary-Wheeler DVM, PhD
A continued understanding of the mechanisms causing lymphoma in dogs and identification of novel therapies are needed to improve survival in dogs with lymphoma.
Tick-Borne Disease Initiative
Christine Petersen DVM, PhD
Dogs can serve as sentinel species for human disease and there are many areas where the immune responses and disease outcomes are very similar in people and dogs, meaning that important lessons can be learned by sharing information between human and animal health Learn More
What We've Been Up To...
We know many of you have set up social media fundraisers to benefit the NCA Charitable Trust, Thank You. We have had a few questions regarding setting up an on-line fundraiser and below is a brief description of some of the more popular formats. Some are more user friendly for the donor and the Trust than others.
We have included a short explanation below regarding some of the on-line fundraising tools to help you understand how the process works for both you and the Trust. We truly appreciate your efforts on behalf of the Trust and want to insure that the wishes of the donor are fulfilled to the best of our abilities. Finally, Thank You for your continued support of the Trust helping ensure a happy and healthy future for all Newfoundlands.
GoFundMe for Charity™ is probably the best online fundraising tool for the Trust. The Donor organization must be a 501c3 however you can designate a specific area of the Trust to send your donations such as Rescue, Health Challenge, education, scholarship, endowment or a specific dog in rescue. They also, give our treasurer great documentation as to the wishes of the individual donor. Learn More
Facebook fundraisers can designate any 501c3 organization. You can designate a specific area in the opening statement as to how you want the funds directed. However, Facebook does not send that information along to our treasurer. If you set up a Facebook fundraiser, please notify our treasurer, Mary L. Price, as to how you would like the funds to be used.
Planned Giving
The NCA Charitable Trust has many planned giving opportunities, please contact us to learn more - - Learn More
Call for Forelimb Anomaly/Congenital Radial Head Luxation studies
Morris Animal Foundation is now accepting proposals for pilot studies for the study of Newfoundland forelimb anomaly. This request is part of the Foundation’s Donor-Inspired Study program and is being funded by the Newfoundland Club of America Charitable Trust (NCA Charitable Trust), which has supported Morris Animal Foundation for more than 20 years.