Dear YPIE Family,

As we approach the one year mark of this pandemic, YPIE students have much to be proud of, especially in light of the disproportionate obstacles they and their families have faced.
While across the country communities like ours saw large drop-offs in college enrollment last fall, YPIE's recently released impact data shows that YPIE students:
  • Enrolled in college at a significantly higher rate than similar students
  • Maintained college enrollment rates even in light of this challenging pandemic
  • Increased enrollment in 4-year colleges

It is hard to fully appreciate all that our students had to overcome to reach this milestone.
It’s even harder to overstate the impact this persistence will have on our students' long term trajectories -- a college degree continues to be the surest path to upward mobility and a shield against economic downturns.
We invite you to read more below about what YPIE students are up to -- and all that your support makes possible.

With gratitude,

Sam Wallis
Executive Director, YPIE
We are thrilled to welcome our newest class of 9th Grade YPIE Scholars, as they embark on their path to success in college and beyond!

This year, YPIE received the largest number of applicants to be YPIE Scholars.

"One cannot solve a problem by simply pretending it does not exist. Turning a blind eye to all that goes on does not automatically right the wrongs." -- Alyssa, YPIE Scholar

We are very proud of our YPIE Seniors who have started to receive early college acceptance letters. In this year of great unpredictability, our students have persevered to achieve their college dreams.

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