September 9,  2019
Upcoming Events:

Flag Spring
September 11, 18 and 25- Celebration of Mass 7:30AM in the D'Alelio Room.
September 11- Wednesday: Student Pictures and IDs- Senior Candids
September 12- Thursday: Parent Visit Classes Event  4-6:PM This   is an opportunity for parents to visit classes (following your student's schedule), meet one another and learn about Parent activities for the upcoming year.

Newman Science teacher, Michael Pool, is also an award- winning baker.
He is making this special cake  which will go to the parent who meets the most
other parents on Back -To-School Night.   

September 19 - Thursday: Parent Reception at Boston Center for the Arts

Opening Day at Newman

Thank you to Nuria's mother for donating a balloon arch and cupcakes to
start off the year in a special way .

Welcome to Newman!

The month of August  was a busy one at Newman with  three New Student Orientations 
Mrs. Lynch wants to thanks the amazing team of returning students who set up a Mentor Program to connect with new students before their arrival at Newman.
These students continued their efforts this month, attending the Orientations and showing our newest  students a  "Cor ad Cor" welcome.

Cell Phones at School
All students in Grades 7 & 8  leave their cell phones in the Main Office in a special cell phone charging station.

Other students leave their phones in a designated classroom location for the duration of class (unless the use of the phone is necessary for a particular lesson).

The school recognizes the extent to which phone use at school represents a significant diminishment of student engagement in  learning. 

Register for Fr. Luca's Coding Class 

Fr. Luca Brancolini is offering an after- school Coding Class to interested students.

Students completing the class  will receive a half credit and earn a
certificate of completion.

To register for the class  please E-mail Mrs. Lynch.

Student Forms Due:
The forms sent in earlier this summer  to all families are due. Please return the completed forms to the school in the stamped envelope included in the packet.
Please take care to complete BOTH sides of the Emergency Card andprovide your signature giving permission to contact the student's physician in the  event of an emergency.   
It is of critical importance that these forms be completed fully and returned to the Office. 
If you need help with the forms ,please contact  Mr. Mahoney.
T Passes:
T Passes  will be available the first week of September. They are $30 per
 month for 7 day use.

Each month  we recognize the names of the students celebrating a birthday that month. Each student receives a card and small gift. We celebrate the "sixth-month" birthdays of those students whose birthdays fall in June, July and August. This tradition is recognition of the importance of each individual life to our school community.  

College Counseling Updates - by Susan Carlson

With the start of school, the College Counseling office is in full swing. I've
been busy meeting students, especially seniors and parents of seniors, while finalizing the agenda for the school year. To that end, I'd like to announce that college visits to Newman are getting ready to begin. Our first guests arrive on campus the week of September 16th. These visits are important, because they give students the chance to learn more about prospective colleges to which they might apply while getting specific  questions answered; and they help the colleges get to know Newman better so that when they read applications, they have a full and complete picture of the amazing work our students are doing on campus. Often, the person visiting campus is the first and primary reader of the student's application. The reps always remember the actively engaged and thoughtful students participating in the session. We now know that demonstrating interest like this to the colleges is becoming a more important detail as they make decisions. It's often the difference between an accept and a waitlist.

Each week I will announce who will be visiting campus in Managebac. Please encourage your children to attend a session if you feel they will benefit from it. Unfortunately, attending a session may possibly mean missing classes, which means making up work. Therefore, please guide your kids to discuss with me the value of particular sessions. I encourage you, too, to reach out with questions should you wonder if it's worthwhile. 

I will be making a presentation at Back to School Night and I look forward to seeing  many of  you then.

I am happy to hear from you. I may be reach at  Susan Carlson  .

Need Help with Managebac?

Managebac is Newman's Student Information System. Here parents and students  will find  class schedules, homework, grades, messages and announcements can all be found on Managebac.

Do you need your  login invitation re-sent?  Please e-mail  Mr. Iwanicki.

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