December 2,  2019
Upcoming Events:

Gingerbread House decorating - Period 8 -12/2

Celebration of Mass - December 4, 11, 18  7:30 AM

December 4- 8:30 start of Classes

December 12 - Newman Parent Holiday Celebration

Final Exam Week - December 16 -19 (Grades 9 -12)
Grades 7 &  8 Noon Dismissal 12/16- 12 /19
Fall Final Exam Schedule 2019
December 16 -Monday
Period 1 exam - 8:30 - 10:00 am
Period 2 exam - 10:30 - 12:00 noon
December 17 - Tuesday
Period 3 exam - 8:30 - 10:00 am
Period 4 exam - 10:30 - 12:00 noon
December 18 - Wednesday
Period 5 exam - 8:30 - 10:00 am
Period 6 exam - 10:30 - 12:00 noon
December 19 - Thursday
Period 7 exam - 8:30 - 10:00 am
Make up exam - 10:30 - 12:00 noon

Tuesday January 7, 2020 -First  Day of Spring Classes 

IB SL Physics with Ms. Poulin 
This is a  picture from a lab demonstration  with IB SL Physics II Seniors. The students were looking at the emission spectrum of electrified hydrogen gas, and the interference gave some pretty rainbows as well.


On the 12 of November Mister Busch took the World Geography class on a field trip to the Mapparium and the Leventhal Map Room at the Boston Public Library. We left Newman at 11:00 and walked to the Mapparium, which is part of the Mary Baker Eddy Library at the Christian Scientist Church complex.. After arriving, we had a  tour of the inside of the globe and got to see what the world looked like in 1935. The Mapparium is a globe built out of stained glass. Some of my classmates commented that it was visually impressive, and that it was amazing how much has changed in the last 84 years.
For example, a number of countries that exist today in Africa are not shown on the Mapparium as they did not exist in 1935.  They were in areas that were colonies controlled by European countries. Boundaries of countries such a s Germany and Poland have changed because of the impact of World War II.  Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam do not appear because they were joined together in the French colony of 'Indochina'.
We left the Mapparium a little after noon and walked to the Boston Public Library, where after lunch we met at the Leventhal Map Center. Education officer Lynn Brown talked to us about how different ways of representing the world on a map differ, and then got out copies of several different maps for us to look at. One of the maps was a whaling map showing where whales were found and hunted.  We discussed how this map might only be useful for 1 year because the whales would move if they were all being hunted. We also looked at a map that showed the population of different countries by giving a square on the map per million people, This map allowed us to see that some countries, like Russia and Canada, have massive land sizes but have s mall populations. 
We looked at two other world maps.  One was navigational with several different charts on the sides.  The other was more decorative with sea monsters. Neither of these maps showed Australia since it had not yet been discovered. We then looked at 3 maps of Boston and saw how much the city has changed over time, with parts of the harbor being filled in such as Back Bay.  Another Boston map we looked at showed the names of the most common immigrant population in different parts of the city.
This trip highlighted how the world is constantly changing and maps that are only a few years old may not be accurate anymore because of changing borders or populations. On behalf of all students in the World Geography class, I want to say thank you" to Mister Busch for taking us on this field trip.
Lauren Detmold

Remembering our Deceased Relatives and Friends in November
In many cultures, and especially in the Catholic traditio n, the
month of 
November is a time of remembering in prayer our beloved dead.
If you would like  to  include the names of the deceased to be remembered at school Masses during November , please e-mail Patricia Lynch with  the names of those you would like included in The Book of Remembrance.

College Counseling Updates - by Susan Carlson

Greetings from the College Counseling office!
As the cold weather moves into the region, the college counseling office remains a beehive of activity.  At this point, many students have submitted their first applications, as others are scurrying to finish up those that are being submitted prior to our Winter Break.  Therefore, for those students who have yet to meet with me to discuss their final lists and match their accounts to Naviance, it's time for you to come in and see me! While it's true that most deadlines are January 1st, the students need to mindful that Newman closes for Winter Break. I will be on campus during some of these days, but not all. Plan ahead!
As a reminder to all, when students submit their applications, whether through the Common Application, the UCAS system, the university's own application system, or even the Coalition Application, it's worth renoting that the college counseling office is responsible for submitting the following supporting documents: the Newman transcript, any transfer transcripts if applicable, teacher recommendations, the school report, and the counselor statement. The College office is not responsible for submitting standardized test scores. Students must go to the testing agency directly (College Board, ACT, or TOEFL/IELTS) and order their scores to be sent to the colleges to which they are applying. NB: with a few exceptions, colleges will only accept official reports before rendering a decision. These reports often take up to 1 month to arrive at the colleges and processed in their system, so my best advice is to order the test reports to be sent at the time of application. If you have any questions about which tests to send, or whether even you should send test scores, please don't hesitate to reach out to me at my email address, .
IMPORTANT: Supporting documents for  applications - transcripts/transfer transcripts, school report, teacher letters of recommendation, counselor statement, and school profile - are all being submitted by me.  NB:  however, colleges often take up to 2 weeks to download and gather every document submitted (despite their being submitted all at once). So if you receive notices saying certain things are missing, please do not worry about these notices as they are completely normal. After 2 weeks, if documents appear to be missing, let me know and we will resend whatever it is that they are looking for.
Upcoming information session
  • Wed, Nov. 20th 3 pm coffee meeting- Helping your child deal with disappointment, deferrals, and yes, even good news
      Wed, Dec 4th, 4 pm - Kick off program for parents of      students in the Class of 2021. Yes, it's your turn now!
If you'd like to attend one of these meetings, please RSVP by emailing me at 
Upcoming college visits 
  • Tues, Nov. 12th, 10:00 AM - Wentworth Institute
  • Wed, Nov. 13th, 1:30 PM - Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Wed, Nov. 14th, 12:45  College of the Holy Cross (NB: this is a date/time change)
Please encourage your child to sign up and attend any of these visits if the school is of interest to them. It's a great way to learn more about it, while making a connection to the rep who will be the first reader of your child's application.
Seniors! December is  the last testing possibility available to you that colleges will consider for regular decision deadlines of January 1 or 15. 
Below please find the registration deadlines for both the SAT and ACT.


International Students who are seniors 
If you haven't taken a TOEFL or IELTS yet, please do so ASAP . While some colleges will waive this test under certain circumstances, most will request scores. These tests run quite frequently , however they book up fast. To set up your test date, please go to .
Also, remember to have your parents get official bank documents for each college to which you are applying. Many colleges require this at the time of application.

Student Forms Due:
The forms sent in earlier this summer  to all families are due. Please return the completed forms to the school in the stamped envelope included in the packet.
Please take care to complete BOTH sides of the Emergency Card andprovide your signature giving permission to contact the student's physician in the  event of an emergency.   
It is of critical importance that these forms be completed fully and returned to the Office. 
If you need help with the forms ,please contact  Mr. Mahoney.
T Passes:
T Passes  will be available the first week of September. They are $30 per
 month for 7 day use.

Each month  we recognize the names of the students celebrating a birthday that month. Each student receives a card and small gift. We celebrate the "sixth-month" birthdays of those students whose birthdays fall in June, July and August. This tradition is recognition of the importance of each individual life to our school community.  

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