February 10 , 2020

Upcoming Events:
February  12,19,26  7:30AM - Celebration of Mass

Parent/ Teacher Conferences - No Classes
 Friday, February 14 
8:30 AM -  Noon
1:PM - 4:30PM

Please choose time slots  for teachers with whom you want to meet.

Contact Patricia Lynch with  questions or concerns.

February 17, 18 - Presidents' Days - No Classes

February 25  4:PM   College  Counseling  Meeting for parents of juniors

February 26 Ash Wednesday  9:AM Start of classes

                             Save the Date  !
 May 16th , 11:30 - 2:PM  Larz Anderson Park -  
 All School BBQ/End of School Year Celebration. 

Mr. Nagy's IB HL English Year I Class Update

 As the students prepare to read  Botan's   Letters from Thailand   they shared a meal of sticky rice and som tam.

Robotic Team Update

The Newman School's Robotics Team, the "Clockwork Cardinals," competed at a FIRST Tech Challenge at Canton High School, Saturday, 1 February.  Our team's rank at the end of the competition matches was second out of 23 teams.  However, in the playoffs the gremlin of Murphy's Law (if anything can possibly go wrong, it will) hobbled our robot.  Nonetheless, the team won the engineering "Think" Trophy for the development and evolution of ideas shown in the team's engineering notebooks entailing the progress of our robot's design.  The photo shows our robot and trophy and the team members Andrei '20, Charles '21, Jeff '21, Galvin '21, Raphael '22, Abigail '21, Alex '20, Kyle '23, and Niall '23.

CAS Project Update

Newman seniors Fionnuala, Hanna, Nikea, Julier and  Nuria just completed their IB  CAS project.  The goal of their project was  to organize a Halloween Charity Ball to raise money for the young people at Bridge Over Troubled Water.   In addition to organizing the Charity Ball, the students sold socks.  

News from The Newman College Counseling Office

Greetings from the College Counseling office!  There's been a lot of activity in the CC office over the last few weeks as we finalize applications for seniors and begin the process for getting to know the juniors and help them better understand the college process and what it might mean for them. To that end, there are lots of announcements to be made in this newsletter.

Seniors and Parents of Seniors:  
For all students: Keep checking to ensure that all your documents have arrived at the colleges you've applied to. If you're missing something, please let me know. I have been hearing from colleges directly to help them gather any missing pieces of information, but many will simply update the application portal or send the applicant an email. So stay on top of this. 

ED II applicants: Decisions should be coming out by mid-February. Please keep me aware of your outcome! It's important.

All students awaiting RD news and/or deferred from ED II .  Now is not the time to sit back and relax!  You have more control in this outcome than you realize. Keep the colleges abreast via email of all new
information that might be added to your applications - (an event your club has organized,  a fundraising event, an especially good grade...anything!) - and remind the colleges that you care about getting accepted. If it's a first choice college, please see me for special tips.  

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School Delays and Closing Notifications

Newman Snow Student
Families will be notified of school delays and closi ngs by phone and e-mail (using our One Call Now system), through the school website, by Managebac messaging to students, guardians and parents, and finally, through local news media.
Class of 2020 Calendar of Events

 Early  March Invitations distributed to
all seniors. Each student receives 7 invitations. If you need more, please let Mrs. Lynch know. Invitations are NOT needed to attend the graduation. John Hancock Hall is a large venue.Please  bring as many guests as you would like.

 4/23- Last day of Classes for Seniors

4/24Senior Breakfast 8:30AM at the Harvard Club (Grad gowns will be given out that day). Students should dress UP! A formal senior picture will be taken with students in their grad gowns. 

4/27-4/30 - Final Exams for seniors not taking IB Exams

5/1 - 5/22   IB Exams    Click for IB Exam Schedule

5/29 - Prom at the Cambridge Hyatt

6/1 - Graduation  6:PM at John Hancock Hall.  Seniors arrive at 5:PM for a rehearsal. They should wear Assembly Dress  and their graduation gowns. 
There will be a professional photographer at the event who will take photos of each student as he/she  receives the diploma. The photographer will send  families proofs and  you may order photos  from the photographer. 
The graduation ceremony runs about one hour and fifteen minutes.
There is a reception afterwards down stairs in the Josiah Quincy Suite where light refreshments will be served. This is a great opportunity to take pictures with  teachers and classmates.

Student Forms Due:
The forms sent in earlier this summer  to all families are due. Please return the completed forms to the school in the stamped envelope included in the packet.
Please take care to complete BOTH sides of the Emergency Card andprovide your signature giving permission to contact the student's physician in the  event of an emergency.   
It is of critical importance that these forms be completed fully and returned to the Office. 
If you need help with the forms ,please contact  Mr. Mahoney.
T Passes:
T Passes  will be available the first week of September. They are $30 per
 month for 7 day use.

Each month  we recognize the names of the students celebrating a birthday that month. Each student receives a card and small gift. We celebrate the "sixth-month" birthdays of those students whose birthdays fall in June, July and August. This tradition is recognition of the importance of each individual life to our school community.  

Need Help with Managebac?

Managebac is Newman's Student Information System. Here parents and students  will find  class schedules, homework, grades, messages and announcements can all be found on Managebac.

Do you need your  login invitation re-sent?  Please e-mail  Mr. Iwanicki.

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