January 2019
Newnex 10m & 16m USB 3.0 Active Extension Cables
are certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware

As  Google Hangouts Meet hardware   expands its presence in conference meeting market, the needs of longer USB 3.0 extension solutions also grow rapidly. A relatively larger meeting room setup with Google Hangouts Meet hardware often requires longer USB extension cables for both cameras and hubs.
In response to this need, on top of all the previously certified USB cables and hubs, Newnex's 10m and 16m FireNEX™-uLINK-EX series USB 3.0 Active Repeater Extension Cable were just certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware for being added to the pool. These particular extension cables allow users to setup their meeting cameras up to 16m (approximately 50 feet) away from the Chromebox computer.
FireNEX™-uLINK-EX provides not only flawless SuperSpeed USB extensions but also a standard-compliant 5 V/0.9 A (4.5 W) bus power at the far end without need of an external power source or any additional Y cable to power up your extended devices such as a Google Hangouts Meet approved 4K web camera. FireNEX™-uLINK-EX comes with other features such as USB 2.0/1.1 backward compatibility and driver-free Plug & Play. Collectively, all the features make it an ideal solution for the large scale meeting room setup.
Newnex is continuously working with Google Hangouts Meet ha rdware team to bring more innovative connectivity products for meeting customers' needs. Click to view all  the  certified products for Google Hangouts Meet hardware.
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