May 2019
One More Newnex Product , 20m USB 3.0 Active A to B Cable
is certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware

In response to the needs of longer USB 3.0 extension solutions for popular video conferencing platforms such as Google Hangouts Meet hardware,  Newnex's new 20m USB 3.0 A to B Active Cable  was newly certified for Google Hangouts Meet hardware as the only compatible A to B hub extension cable that is beyond 10m. This 20m active extension cable allows user to double the distance from Meeting computer to the MIMO touchscreen and Speakermic, comparing to the previous 10m maximum.
On the current Google Hangouts Meet certified hubs and cables list, nearly half of all the certified extension cables and hubs are from Newnex. Newnex is continuously working with Google Hangouts Meet hardware team to bring more innovative connectivity products for various meeting room size needs. Click to view all the certified products for Google Hangouts Meet hardware from Newnex.
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