Newnex FireNEX™-uHUB-2P USB 3.0 Hub Certified by USB-IF
Newnex 2-Port USB 3.0 Industrial Hub, FireNEX™-uHUB-2P, receives the compliance certification from USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF, the organization that develops the USB standard) on September 21, 2020. This certification has been posted on the USB-IF integrators list and can be found with Test Identification Number (TID) 4230.

FireNEX™-uHUB-2P is a compact size USB 3.0 Hub that is certified to bridge two SuperSpeed 5Gbps devices to the host. It has been widely adopted for industries such as Machine Vision and Professional AV. In addition to the USB-IF certification, FireNEX™-uHUB-2P has been certified by a number of leading Video Conferencing developers such as Google and Huddly for use with their systems.
With this newly added FireNEX™-uHUB-2P compliance certification from USB-IF, Newnex further demonstrates its product quality and reliability at USB specification compliance level.
To learn more about FireNEX™-uHUB-2P and other USB repeaters, hubs, active, and passive cables from Newnex,  please visit
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