The following article will appear in the June issue of Little Silver Neighbors. Thanks to Ryan Keating for the nice piece on Brown's. (He’s the publisher.)
Doug Brown
Brown's Story

Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing, located in Little Silver, has been in business for over 43 years and always been managed by a Brown’s family member. Of course, “Brownie” and Joyce started the business; then in 2002 Carolyn (one of their daughters) became the owner; and then in 2020, Doug Brown, the son became the general manager. And, with each change new services and products have continued to be added for the benefit of their customers. 

According to Doug, “We have now added ‘Home Services’ which is a fancy name for handyman. We were receiving requests for small projects…fix a door handle, tighten the knob on the dresser, repair the door latch, etc. so we added handyman services to meet those needs.”           
How many of us have a "Honey-do” list? A whole bunch of little projects that need our attention and no one project big enough to call a specialist”. That’s where Brown’s Home Services can fill a need. 

Many of our customers have been with us for many years and as they age some tasks become too difficult,” said Doug. “A recent Holmdel customer, who is 97 years old, asked us to replace two window panes, erect an outdoor light that had been knocked down by the snow plow and fix the broken bricks in the patio. These were projects he used to be able to do but were now too difficult. In one day the “honey-do” list was done and we had a happy customer.”

What’s on a “honey-do” list? Here are some examples:

Patio bricks/stones
Lamp switches
Furniture knobs
Curtain rods
Broken chair rung

And you can definitely add more to this list." finished Doug “I’m honored and humbled that I can continue my parents’ plan for quality service and genuine concern for our customers.”

If you have a “Honey-do" list give us a call at 732-741-0694.


If you pick up the telephone and hear ”Hi, this is Sylvia Allen from Brown’s Heating, Cooling and Plumbing” it’s NOT a sales call but, rather, a follow up to a recent service call, maintenance or installation you may have had done. 

Sylvia joined the company right after Thanksgiving last year to help us with our desire to strengthen our customer service and reinforce our proud relationship with all of you. Doug has known Sylvia for many years and has traveled with her to Uganda 11 times to visit the school in Africa she tirelessly helps. According to Doug, she’s a “can do” person and is genuinely interested in your Brown’s experience. Sylvia is also available whenever you need to bend her ear about the service you received so don’t hesitate to reach out to her directly at 732.241.11244. Her job here is to make ALL customers happy customers! And, based on our reviews she is getting a lot of satisfaction.
Summer Invasion of the Ants

Did you know you can easily get rid of ants with just normal everyday products you have in the kitchen? Here are some remedies for you:

*      Sprinkle cornstarch along their normal path; they don’t like it.
*       Sprinkle cinnamon (or cinnamon sticks) along their normal path;.
*       Mix baking soda with salt and spread along their normal path, as well as
entry ways.
*       Put Bounce dryer sheets at entry ways; they are repulsed by the smell.

Not one of these remedies is harmful and they are all effective.