Beach Ordinance Reminders
As we head into Memorial Day weekend, please be mindful of the following ordinances in place for your safety and preservation of our environment. Ordinances apply to property owners and visitors, and anyone found in violation could be ticketed.

Beach Rules

  • Stay off the dunes and use boardwalks.
  • No glass, metal shovels, plastic carryout bags, plastic straws, Styrofoam, balloons, or drones allowed.
  • No overnight storage of beach equipment.
  • Fill in your holes before you leave the beach. 
  • May through October - all outdoor beachfront lighting must be turned off from 9 p.m. to dawn to protect nesting sea turtles.
  • No artificial light of any kind on the beach at night, including flashlights (handheld or cellular).
  • Never approach sea turtles, hatchlings, or nests. 
  • Seasonal leash ordinances are in effect (detailed below).

Leash Ordinance (penalties up to $465)

  • March 16 through October 31, dogs must be on a leash at all times, even in the water, from the western boundary of the Critical Habitat Area (near Beachwalker County Park) to the eastern boundary of the Beach Club. View map. Electronic leashes are prohibited, and owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets.

Violations in progress should be reported immediately so corrective action can be taken. Ordinances are enforced by Beach Patrol (call or text 843-518-2880) and Code Enforcement officers (24-hour hotline 843-259-2137).

See our good neighbor brochure for additional information.
NEW! National Beach Safety Week Video Series
Each year, as summer begins, the Town participates in the United States Lifesaving Association National Beach Safety Week to remind beachgoers to use caution in the aquatic environment.

This week on our social channels, we've tossed the mic to Beach Patrol and produced a series of videos with daily tips on beach safety and preparedness. While these tips are aimed at visitors who could be unfamiliar with beach hazards, residents may also enjoy watching them. Featured below are the videos posted so far. Follow us on our social channels to catch the rest and help us spread the word by sharing. 
Upcoming Office Closures May 31 — Memorial Day
Service Changes | Week of Memorial Day 
Monday's trash will be collected on Tuesday, June 1. All other collections move forward one day. No yard debris collection. Twice per week service will be collected on Friday.

Special Collections
Bicycle Collection – Thursday, June 3 | 7 a.m. Contact Julie at 843- 768-9166 to schedule.
Brown Trash Collection - Friday, June 4 | 7 a.m. Not sure what classifies? Check here 
The island is currently experiencing a King Tide cycle through May 28. King Tides are the highest seasonal tides that naturally occur each year. In some cases, they may barely even be noticed. In other cases, a King Tide may cause flooding of low-lying areas and disruption to daily routines. More
Check out this rare leucistic raccoon shared with us by resident Colin Harley! Per Town Biologist Jim Jordan, “Leucism is a genetic condition that causes a partial lack of pigmentation. A true albino lacks all pigmentation and would be completely white with pink eyes, nose, and feet.” Over the years, Town Biologists have seen approximately 8-10 leucistic raccoons on the island.
Charitable Contribution Organization Updates
Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding Learning With Horses
With schools closed during the pandemic, Charleston Area Therapeutic Riding responded by developing a ten-week live virtual curriculum called Learning With Horses. Weekly lessons were accompanied by a "barn box" delivered to the classroom containing tangible items like grooming tools to complement each lesson.

Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic Search for Medical Director
Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic is looking for a new Medical Director and invites interested, licensed physicians to submit application materials for the position. Read more
Turtle Patrol Update
Current Nest Count: 34

  • Never harass, touch or disturb hatchlings or eggs.
  • Take all items with you when you leave the beach and fill in your holes, as these can be big hurdles for turtles.
  • Lights out for Turtles! May - October, all outdoor lighting facing the beachfront should be turned off from 9 p.m. to dawn. Also, no use of artificial light (flashlights, cell phone lights) on the beach at night. It can cause nesting females to abandon nesting attempts and disorient hatchlings as they make their way to the ocean.

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Parkway Improvement Project Update
Bike path - The Town is working with our contractor to add vegetation to create a thicker buffer between the roadway and the bike path along the new right turn lane at the Andell tract.
Give Our Shorebirds Space
Many of our shorebirds are fast approaching check-out and we need your help to make their stay on Kiawah a five-star experience! Please do not disturb the birds on the beach, many of them will soon embark on an incredibly long journey and need as much rest as possible. If birds react (calling, standing up, running, or flying) step back immediately. Stay at least 50 yards away, or half the length of a football field. Keep pets far away on a leash, and respect the posted signs.
Visit the Town's webpage with COVID-19 resources including updated statistics, DHEC reporting, and more.
Arts Council
Committee Openings
Are you an arts enthusiast with a knack for events? The Town of Kiawah Island Arts and Cultural Events Council would like to add new members to the committee! The Arts Council works collaboratively to source and present high-caliber performances for residents and visitors. More
Report ordinance violations or rental property problems to the 24-hour hotline at 843-259-2137 or through the online submittal form. Add the hotline to your contacts on your mobile phone so it's quickly accessible. 
Previously Mentioned
You have seen these announcements before, but here it is one more time if you missed it.

Committee Meetings
Town Council – June 1 | 2 p.m.
Planning Commission – June 2 | 3 p.m.
Arts & Cultural Events Council – June 3 | 2 p.m.
Public Safety – June 9 | 11:30 a.m.

Meeting Changes
  • Committees that conduct their meetings over video conferences will be live-streamed on the Town's YouTube channel.
  • Committees that conduct their meetings in person where the public can attend will not be live-streamed.

Agendas are available here and will reference the meeting's location. Dates, times, and locations sometimes change. Before planning to attend a meeting, check our website.
(843) 768-9166
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