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November's Power of the Month: RELEASE (ELIMINATION)
Affirmation: I release anything and everything that no longer serves my unfolding good.
Release (Elimination)—The ability to let go.
The disciple is Thaddeus. He represents the expulsion of negative thinking.
The corresponding color is amber and the location is the abdominal region.
Celebration Service
In-Person and via YouTube

Video Livestream
Sunday - 11:00am
New Announcements and Events

Youth & Family Ministry once again meeting in-person Sunday school during the 11:00 AM service, for ages 4 and up

meet at rear entrance of Sanctuary

  1. The class will be open to children four and older at this time because it will be necessary to wear masks. Children under four will return in the future.
  2. All teachers helpers and children will wear masks.
  3. Disposable masks will be provided by the YFM.
  4. Surfaces will be sanitized between classes.
  5. Each child will be provided with their own set of crafting supplies to keep in the classroom.
  6. We will social distance as we are able.
  7. Children will go to church with their parents and be released at the beginning of the service to the teachers.
  8. We’ll have Fun!!

Any questions, please see Marybeth Barrett, YFM Director. Email: marybethbarrett104@gmail.com
Fellowship Hall is now open!

🅿 The parking lot entrance is open.

📺 Service will be played on the downstairs video screen if you prefer to view it from Fellowship Hall.

Tea & coffee will be available after the conclusion of service!

😷 Please remain masked indoors whenever practical.

☎ Each household group is asked to sign in so the Office can notify them should a fellow attendee of today's service receive a positive COVID test.

📱 Point of contact: Ministry Coordinator Natalie Dart 315.663.4341

🙏  We affirm the power of prayer. Prayer Chaplains are available to pray with you.
“I am a child of God, and therefore I do not inherit sickness.” - Myrtle Fillmore
Thank you, Cathy Nichols! / BOOKKEEPER WANTED

With gratitude for her tenure of service here, we thank our bookkeeper CATHY NICHOLS, who will be resigning. Thank you so much all your work here at Unity! If anyone knows an experienced bookkeeper proficient in Quickbooks to work around 3-5 hours/week, a paid position, please contact Leland or Natalie.

CHRISTMAS TREE After service on Sunday December 5th, stay for the annual Unity Christmas Tree decorating party! See Patty O
How do you uncover gratitude during the grieving process? Grief is a universal experience, and we will each suffer the loss of loved ones. However, we may not always know how to process it.

During this two-hour conversation, you’ll hear from authors, ministers, and teachers about their own experiences of grief and how they embraced the gift and even found humor in the grieving process.

This special event is Thursday, December 9, 2021, at 7 p.m. (CT). [8pm ET]

Register on Eventbrite and invite a friend to join you.
Unity of Syracuse has been named the recipient of Unity Church of Hempstead/Unity Long Island’s “Reverend Ida Bowles Technology Grant”. This five thousand dollar grant to be used to enhance our ministry’s sound, lights, and video capacity.
🙏 next meeting Dec.6

Please bring any concerns or intentions you have to our circle of prayer. We meet every first and third Monday of the month. Please arrive a few minutes early. Led by Ann Wahl (awahlosu@aol.com)
monthly Social Justice Discussions online
meets December 12

We will be meeting via Zoom, 1-2pm on each second Sunday of the month to discuss social justice issues in the light of Unity principles.
Upcoming Meetings
  • December 12
Board of Directors
The Board met last Tuesday Nov 16th.
Town Hall is tentatively scheduled for Nov. 21st.
for links to our Discussion Groups and other happenings
  • Wednesday 1-3p
  • Thursday OFF
Annual theme for 2021: "How to Stay Centered, No Matter What"
Affirmation for November's Power of the Month: (Release)
We are inspiring, accepting, expressing Truth, forgiving, progressive, loving and compassionate.
Interested in becoming a member of our Spiritual Community?
Give the Unity of Syracuse office a call at:
(315) 492 - 0330

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