How the brain processes social reward and restricted interests; SPARK event, and more ... 
June 19, 2018

What does research say about social motivation, restricted interests and repetitive behaviors?
In this Issue: Social Challenges, Restricted Interests, Repetitive Behaviors, and Social Motivation

When it comes to two of the core symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), diminished social interest and restricted and repetitive interests, researchers have long puzzled over which has a greater influence on social development. A pair of new studies from CAR reveal how the brain's reward circuitry plays a role in these key symptoms.
In this issue you'll find ...
Diminished social interest or restricted interests?

Which comes first - are individuals with diminished social interest more likely to engage in restricted and repetitive interests? Or are restricted and repetitive interests more enjoyable than social interaction, leading to a diminished interest in social interactions?

How does the brain process restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests? 

Restricted and repetitive behaviors and interests (RRBIs) represent one of the defining characteristics of autism spectrum disorder. But what goes on in the brain when it is engaged with a special interest? 
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