Nature vs Nurture - Role of genetics in autism
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January 9, 2018
Researchers at CAR are working hard to understand the role of genetics in autism.
In this Issue: Autism, 22q Syndrome, and Role of Genetics  

Genetics or Environment?  It's a familiar debate and autism is no stranger to it. Research has shown the answer likely lies in middle - where genetics and environment both contribute to the diagnosis of autism., even though it's difficult to identify a specific genetic change that caused person to develop  ASD. 

Each article in this issue of Dispatch details the role of genetics in the development of autism. Read on to learn more...
Researchers seek answers to why autism is related to some genetic conditions and not other.
Genetics or Environment? Which Influences the Development of Autism

Autism is considered a complex genetic disorder, because even though numerous sibling studies have shown that genetics play a role in the development of ASD, not all identical twins have ASD. One genetic condition known as 22q11.2 Deletion/Duplication Syndrome has been closely tied to autism spectrum disorder.

Read more about new research to understand why some people with 22q to develop ASD, while others do not. 
How does genetics play a role in autism
The Genetics of Autism

After an individual is diagnosed with  an autism spectrum disorder, families often have many questions.  Genetics and  genetic testing  may provide some answers to questions like these. Learn more about the genetics of autism from the  CAR Autism Roadmap(TM).  
Join the SPARK Study today!
SPARK for Autism

Nationwide, SPARK is nearly 1/3 of the way to its goal to collect genetic samples from 50,000 individuals with ASD and their biological parents. We want to thank the more than 4,000 individuals who have participated in SPARK at CHOP. 

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Winter Family Fun Day on January 20th!

The Center for Autism Research and Bright Beginners Academy invite  families of children with autism spectrum disorder to attend the Winter Family Fun day! Families will enjoy fun sensory- friendly activities, a moon bounce, games and will be able to sign up for the SPARK Study!    RSVP by January 15th to attend!
Who Will You Take the Challenge For?
Paul is Biking for His Brother Massi. Who Will You Take the Challenge For?

Friday and Saturday, May 18th- 19th, join the Philadelphia Eagles players, alumni, coaches, executives, cheerleaders and SWOOP on Lincoln Financial Filed for the 
Eagles Autism Challenge bike race and 5K run/walk to 
raise funds for innovative autism research and programs at CHOP, Drexel University, and Thomas Jefferson University. 

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